My True Sex Business.1

(Part I)

What would have happened to Adam if no Eve was made for him? I’m talking here about the man’s soul, not about reproductive functions. Adam got Eve before her failure with someone else, which ensued temptation towards mixed perceptions and feelings.

What I’m saying is that both of them, Adam and Eve, were naked and happily living inside an eternal and carefully crafted pre-history (presumably better than history, at least because no one was dying in there.) That was a nudist society, as we might expect. Its many citizens weren’t ashamed because there was no notion of shame to begin with. Shame mirrors in from treachery and shrewd deceptive thoughts. Those people were shameless then because no one wasn’t even considering stealing his neighbor’s woman.

Stealing women, with consent, shortly turned out into one of the most profitable industries: ladies having sex for money with strangers. Simple sex as a service. No love, no feelings, no obligations. The sexed body eventually detaching from your soul, from your mind. You can’t love such a job. Do you?

Blessed are the ladies so loved by a man that he’s offering them a part of his own life. No more body share with the casual stranger. Guess that every female sex worker dreams of this kind of relationship. Love, romance, flowers, poetry!

In my case, I married as a virgin, well, two days before the wedding he took my virginity. What counts is that I’ve always been his, a one man’s woman. And thanks Goodness, we had our part of romance and love and poetry. We’re still feeding our marriage out of it. But you have to know that no marriage is all honey and that not every day is a Sunday.

Men are hunters by nature. They used to hunt animals to tame their hunger for proteins before the food industry made a sport out of this practice. Then their hunter eye always has a particular look for a natural young beauty. It’s in their genes and throwing feminist doctrines against this nature of man won’t solve the issue. It may only escalate it as we may notice.

Do we need sex education in schools? We certainly do! As far as this helps teens avoid pregnancies. But statistics of late sadly prove poor results on this social front. Perhaps there’s a lack of method, or approach, with sex education. How comes that the vast majority of women, mostly mothers, manifest terribly strong feelings against having sex adventures with their own husbands? How comes then that almost all men consider sex out of marriage? It may come from the separation between sex and love which is promoted as standard or “the way to be” in our society.

I played in many porns, home porns, really! My only partner asked me once, in front of the camera, how should we coin the kind of porn we’re filming? Because it’s not mainstream porn. We’re no actors, no work colleagues, we don’t copulate with anyone else but between us two and we don’t simulate orgasms. I then replied without thinking (because while doing porns I use to turn my brain off) that what we’re doing is “romantic porno.” He loved this term.

Romance is when your soul resonates more intensely than your body. It is when you’re dreaming with your eyes wide open to see and touch and feel your dream. Romance is when your meta-body, beyond flesh, interferes with your lover’s meta-body. Romance is spiritual not carnal. So a romantic porn would be when filming how the down-on-earth flesh body of yours harmoniously shadows the dance of the paired souls up there. It’s better than an orgasm and it’s more than sex. Among other things, it makes me feel forever young and shameless. The way Adam and Eve were in ancient times, before she took the word and the touch of another one as granted.

(to be continued)

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