Am I Out of Fashion?

Found a site wanting to be an advising hub for modern women. Happy lady as I am, was not exactly preoccupied if the world goes awry, galloping around me while I remain behind in the late century. I consider that people of the past were better and that we’d be good doing more to keep some of the old customs. Not everything that’s new should be necessary good.

And I’m referring strictly to the counseling given to modern teens. Most parents mistakenly allow their kids be taken away by the trendy waves: “It is the modern way to go!” or “The others are doing the same.” How old is a 6th grade girl? 12. No more puppets toying, very true. But from here to allowing her a lip-gloss then a “bit of Rimmel, bit of natural colored (?) makeup” it all sounds like a bit of a stretch. It actually sounds like advertising for cosmetic companies. Now with the new grown-ups public contests extending to little girls, having them painted like small clowns. Sadly, their parents are losing common sense.

If you’re in the 7th grade, which means you’re 13, then you should undulate your hair at least a few times a week or maybe use new stylish haircuts other than the known pony tail. Oh, if “you suffer of acne try cover it with a bit of makeup.” Forget about the healing acne methods, just hide it with a brush, eh?

A child waking up with such things in mind, every morning, is she preoccupied by school matters anymore? Is she learning for the coming science tests, or double checking her mandatory lectures? Not sure about that. Just add a touch of eye contour, but not too much.

I got tired commenting the article, so here’s a (translated to English) quote out of it: “Try different outfits together with accessories. It is good to try new things along with your makeup and dressing. While in your 8th grade, probably you’re getting better with the makeup and you already know what you like. Try establish a connection between your haircut and your makeup. You may wear tighter jeans. Considering you want to impress the guys, you may even wear bit tighter blouses as well. In your junior high school year it happens a significant transition in your life. Try updating your look bit by bit. You can makeup more, not in excess, mostly at school. Try keep things down in front of the teachers.”

I’m having three daughters and I can breath happily that two of them crossed the age targeted by the “commercials” above. I know, I’m out of fashion. Can’t accept that a young lady, at an age when her utmost preoccupation should be school, begins caring too much about her sexy looks, starting to makeup just to be modern. No wonder that “in one century we went from teaching Latin and Greek in high school to offering remedial English in college” to cite an excellent, but largely ignored, observer of the American society and education.

Is this a kiss or just a stare?

Is this a kiss or just a stare?

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