Past The Pork Tradition

Some folks cannot fathom various stuff. The aunt of Toula Portokalos (in the romantic comedy film My Big Fat Greek Wedding) replies with a non dissimulated shock to Ian’s vegetarian shy statement. How’s that he eats no meat?! High eyebrows! Silence across surrounding space… Okay, lamb will do, eventually, to tame down stupefied spirits and come to terms with the odd xeno guy. Vegetarian, phew!

About eight years ago, we concluded to discard pork consumption. Not on religious grounds. But based on thorough multiple medical studies, along with a gut feeling, we decided that eating pork is bad for us. So pork is ever since banned from our household. We don’t buy pork. We avoid it when visiting. We’re not missing it.

Folks would have a hard time understanding why we don’t eat pork. In spite of the healthy lifestyle trends, in spite of naturist medics’ warnings, in spite of no pork diets, in spite of… in spite of… When it’s about to meet face to face with a person “from reality,” this person won’t waste a moment to show her surprise on us not eating pork. A classmate asked my daughter why won’t she eat salami. “Because it’s not edible,” she replied. “Because it’s not edible for you it doesn’t means it’s not edible for others!” –returned her classmate. True.

I never tried convincing others to give up pork. My good friend, owning a farm together with her husband, supplies our family with bio products: milk, eggs, poultry, lamb, beef. They’re also raising a plenty of pigs. Selling them on the market for a supplemental income. The naturist doctor advised them as well not to eat pork, at least not so much, to alternate with other meats, since they have a choice. Eventually her hubby agreed to leave pork only for Christmas and otherwise for the market…

It’s not about preaching something and wait for results. It’s rather about giving a silent example, based on solid science, and the reasonable folks will get the idea. While intriguingly folks may drum up yet another eyebrow, considering I’m depriving my kids from a “harmonious” growth with bacon, wurst, lard, smoked pork, ribs, you name it.

Yes, I refuse buying pork! I prefer poultry, biologically farm raised. It makes a fat and tasty soup. This fall we’re delighting ourselves with a series of one year young cocks. Roosters, I mean. My friend calls me at the farm to watch them run around on the grass and then assist her in the catch and cut throat process. Sometimes I feel sorry for the tiny beasts. But you shouldn’t hesitate, I’m told, or else they’ll suffer longer.

The soup boiled on these dead roosters is so fatty and gelatine rich that my kids need no Haribos for the good health of their bones and joints.

For the New Year I plan to prepare various beef sortments. We’re no vegans. We just refuse eating any pork. Is this turning us in freaks for the mainstream folks?!

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