The Menopause and Sex Benefits

I am so excited and euphoric that I’ll discharge in writing first. A piece of news and a round mail message, they fit together like nothing else. Actually, I figured out that nothing runs at random.

I’m officially at menopause! Cannot tell how happy I am. I feel liberated and consider sharing some of the pre-menopause to menopause transition period concerns with other ladies. Why am I saying this? Because I entered pre-menopause five years ago. No one believed me then. My friends were skeptical when I was telling them about it. I was 40 then. Ensued a two years interval when I did the mistake of taking for granted the mainstream doctors’ scaring advices. Cervical conization, maybe a hysterectomy… they were suggesting. I declined, searching for naturist medics, those less inclined towards surgery and more familiar with the harmony between our body-soul duality and the naturally created environment.

Lucky me I inherited this from my mother. During her life she had her part of medical experiences. What really saved her was not taking seriously the advice of the doctors. I won’t deny the role of the specialist. I even wish that one of my children will some day graduate as MD. What I’m implying here is that sometimes we need courage to make our own decisions about what’s good about our health and what’s not.

The only sign, for me, of the approaching menopause, was the change of rhythm for the periods. Then ensued the pause and finally blood works confirmed it. If then I would have taken the doc’s word, they said I’m getting closer to the end. The family doctor told me a year ago: “Ma’am, you should do something about it! You’re too young to accept menopause! Shortly will come the osteoporosis, the heart conditions!” It’s the same doc who, two years ago, took my blood tension to fill a survey and was telling me then: “You’re never gonna get a heart condition!” Yada, yada… To sum it up:

The idea is that I have escaped a major anguish. Ever since before starting my sex life, my mother kept stressing me with the following mantra: “Do not get yourself pregnant!” This is how I was raised. Always being told that sex brings lots of babies behind. You can’t abort, it’s forbidden, so what are you gonna do then? “You’ll spit babies one after another, like a bunny?!” My mother did not knew that every pregnancy regenerates and is capable of curing serious conditions.

Of course, it’s not easy to raise more children. Especially if you wanna give them some education, caring for each in part, because every child is special. They’re all having the same rights. You need to feed them best, clothe them and spend on books. Dedicate most of time with schooling and quality education. As they grow, you realize that the income isn’t always growing at the same pace, that every kid needs more and more. But this is not the subject of this post. The subject of the day is SEX. Is it necessary? Is it beneficial or not? Here comes the information from a recent round mail. I’ll make few points out of it. Not that I agree with everything that goes, but I consider that the infos are of value, at least a debatable one.

In my opinion, you should raise a child towards a monogamous stable sexual relationship. You should teach the young ones to go all the way in their quest for the better half, the pair soul. To label sex with love and gently fight to keeping it that way. I’m not a proponent of sex exclusively as a therapy. Times ago, ladies suffering from headaches or similar nervous conditions were getting sex from their doctors as medication. This regulated their hormones and healed their bodies. Such docs were referred as pervs. They knew the scientific, medical, value of the sexual act, but on moral grounds they refrained from making it public. Nowadays, it’s in the media. Only thing that sex without love will heal just the body. And here comes a problem for people with a soul.

Sex education classes in grade school? It’s not just premature but most likely illegal to incite children. It’s stealing their present childhood as well as forbidding their future as harmoniously developed, mentally healthy adults. Uncontrolled, group sex relationships, no-feeling partners, changing them like changing underwear. This is the trend of the day. When some of the few manifest a different approach, the school crowd mocks and alienates them. And here comes the essential part of parental education. You have to sustain your children, being there for them, spending lots of time with detailing WHY they are better being DIFFERENT!

Numerous examples of happily married folks, sharing for decades the same bed without getting bored for one single day. Love combined with vibrant sex isn’t boring. It’s the cure of any disease and the recipe for your joyful long living. Yet it’s not always easy to find your pair soul. You’ve gotta pray for that so you may be able to recognize who’s the one. Get past illusions and adventures without making a cause of counting the largest collection of sex partners. All it takes, with sex and love like with anything else, is measure, wisdom and patience.

‘Nuff said, follows an unordered listing of excerpts on sex benefits:

Sex isn’t just the most enjoyable way of spending time with your partner, but also a pleasant way to burn calories. Scientific research positions sex as a top health factor. Consuming sex is more than simple pleasure. A good sexual health refrains positively over the general health. Combined, they confer psychic comfort and positive thinking.

Sex kills stress and tampers depression. Stress is a deadly inhibitor for both women and men. In men, ejaculation relaxes the nervous system and stimulates endorphins, substances of pleasure secreted by the brain. In women, sperm absorption functions like a natural antidepressant which eliminates stress. Depressed individuals tend to have less sexual contacts. This is exactly what they shouldn’t do, advise some medics, this is a trap those unhappy should avoid because they’re denying their medicine: sex.

Sex is a painkiller! Cuddling and sex outside of the bedroom, in unconventional places and situations, represents a good strategy in maintaining a long lasting and passionate couple relationship. Yes, reaching for that desert island is expensive. Romantic escapes, even on the cheap, will relieve the pain alright. The best analgesic known to man is the orgasm. The immense amount of endorphins (brain made substances structurally similar to morphine) released by orgasmic reactions throughout the human body will consistently diminish any kind of pain. A recommended enhancement is having sex in the water.

Sex helps ignoring the problems and increases the happiness. Debt and mortgage are causing headaches. Financial issues tend to disrupt the harmony of the couple. Before allowing situations to degenerate in uncontrolled quarrels and words that shouldn’t be said, best is for the partners to indulge some more sex. Because sex helps us forget about problems. Good sex will just calm the spirits without finding a solution to money problems.

Sex models the silhouette and maintains cardiovascular health. Sporting sex can do miracles if practiced with moderation. Volcanic love, a rolling, twisting, vivid sex act, implying lots of movements, may burn up to 700 calories. Less vigorous sex burns around 200 calories. Sex is by far the best fitness method because it burns calories in the most pleasant manner. Ladies have to know that being passionate with their partners will keep their hearts healthier and stronger. Sex reduces the arterial pressure, reducing the risks of heart attacks or strokes.

An orgasm equals the effects of ten naturist remedies. Against an old custom, migraines are not a cause for not having sex. On the contrary. A migraine is a sign that someone needs sex and should have it as soon as possible for the headaches to go away.

Sex is the cure of common cold. The poor man’s aspirin. Sexual activity isn’t stimulating only the endorphins (for pleasant sensations) but also the antibodies. This way, having sex more often enhances the immunity, protecting the body against bugs and viruses, against cold and flu. Having sex at least once a week raises immunoglobulin A levels with as much as 30 percents. Imagine what having sex at least three times a week will do to the immune system. This practice applies for stable monogamous couples only, where no Russian roulette is played with STD bugs instead of bullets.

Sex potentates senses. After having more wild than mild sex, the hormone called prolactin will generate new neurons related to the olfactory nerve, linked with the emotional centers of the brain. Which means that more sex will develop a better smelling sensation. Actually sex stimulates all senses.

Sex helps with healthy teeth. It whitens and strengthens dentition. Natural ingredients in sperm, minerals like zinc and calcium, combat cavities. Selenium, another sperm ingredient, is an antioxidant that combats cancer.

Why is sex good for her? Offering her more pleasant romantic sex will do wonders about her reproductive organs health. The more sex she gets, the more libido-making hormones she produces. Otherwise put: more sexual contacts will ask for even more desire. Estrogen levels rise with more sex, protecting against ostheoporosis and Alzheimer. Sex can prevent endometriosis in women. Again, sex-generated endorphines will calm down arthritis pain and muscular cramps.

For a pregnant women, introducing sperm in her system will ease the birth process without medication and painkillers, also lessening the chances of a cesarean.

Sex reduces the risk of prostate cancer. Starting in their 20s and 30s, men can reduce with up to 30 percent the chance of getting prostate cancer if ejaculating at least five times a week. This goes for older men as well, since a minimum of 20 ejaculations per month will keep a healthy happy prostate. The more climaxes a man enjoys, the less his prostate problems.

Sustained sex reduces the risk of breast cancer for women. It also confers more elasticity to the pelvic muscles which control the bladder. Kegel exercises have a natural occurrence during sex.

Sex builds trust and perfects intimacy. When a man and a woman are making love, as expected, they get to know each other, in a more intimate way. Desire is stimulated and, according to medical studies, the level of oxytocin in man equals the woman’s level right after the sex act. This predisposes them to an increased desire for cuddling and romance. In some people, self respect is directly proportional with how much love they receive. Anyway, when everything runs well oiled in bed, then beneficial effects are to be noticed in all aspects of life. Sex is killing our inhibitions and makes us more daring.

Sex and love are curing diseases. Sustained sexual activity eventually leads to cell regeneration. Wounds are faster vanishing. Oxitocin, this natural hormone secreted by the posterior pituitary gland, acts primarily as a neurotransmitter in the brain and stimulates contractions of the uterus and ejection of milk. It plays a healing role in muscle tissue and plays a role in improving chroincal conditions such as diabetes.

Sex brings longevity. Live long and get laid often! Both men and women take advantage of intense and frequent sex to keep a youthful tonus, high vitality and a longer life. Especially men will need adequate rest hours to regenerate after sex. For women, sex is simply beneficial at all ages. The multitude of sex-generated hormones, along with the aforementioned regenerating properties, have a proven anti aging effect.

The more orgasms, the better. Sex is yet another recipe for longer living.

4 thoughts on “The Menopause and Sex Benefits

  1. Good information is vital to health. When my wife came to menopause, she also had fibroids which scarred the hell out to me even though I read up on the subject. It led to a decrease in sexual activity which I now recognize as not a healthy thing. A little knowledge like that imparted here will go a long way toward a more vital life., so thank you Doris.

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