Sexy Arts and Industries

Yes, the porn industry is bad. To begin with, all industries are bad. Because an industry takes an artifact, replicates it ad nauseam and pollutes the nature with stuff that turns into junk, that has to be dealt with, that eventually creates more problems than the ones it is actually solving in the first place. In simple words: crafts create quality while industries make mass. Same goes with the porn industry.

How are we calling the erotic ancient Greek depictions? Or Sandro Boticelli’s nude paintings? Or other Renaissance nude paintings? First name coming to mind is “art” not “porn.” Wondering what if the industries have had touched those epochs of the past, what would happen to classic arts?

Well, people are different, some drink beer and some prefer wine. It’s a matter of taste, after all. In many cases, the actors and actresses have to make a living, to pay the bills, possibly to run that pink Mercedes. Money matters are the excuse of any industry, including the erotic one. If this is the lifestyle they’re happy with, if there is a frenzy market paying for it, then why not? Go for it and enjoy the porn!

A free world never forgets to change patterns. Amateur models and couples are bringing new options in: gone the need to pay for adult DVD-s since the net offers free stuff for the watchers; gone the exclusive big tits, hard butts, simulated moans and null brain false dialogs. Women from reality are better to watch than fantasy ones. Pictures casually shot when skinny dipping are more inciting than studio setups.

Men are looking for lust. This is not new and won’t change. It’s a natural feature of men. What changes is the form of lust, the envelope, the design not the structure. Finding, admiring and depicting the beauty of the woman can even turn lust into art. All it takes is having a functional brake at hand, not to fall (too early and too often) down the fantasy pits. Keep it simple, natural and lovely, so that you’ll always discover the beautiful. Some want to dare more, giving in to fantasies. It’s their business, their bodies, their lives. Maybe their art, but not mine. Remember that I don’t drink beer, it’s not mandatory to drink beer, isn’t it?

The best part of the porn industry (said Nina Hartley) is that no one is dying in those movies. Everyone is so happy. Right, no explosions, no dead, no body bags, no horrors, just orgasms (not all real, though) and consensual sex. Well, Doris told me that maybe Nina Hartley can refuse a scene if not liking the script positions. Not sure if the same goes for a rookie actress in desperate need for money. Anyway, she’s free-willing there, no one constrains her. Other than the system. The same system that turned arts into industries…

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