One Gloomy Movie

Because I’m not making money by posting nudes on the web, it means I have to work somehow to make ends meet. The nature of my work often brings me into white nights. Through their silence, inspiration drops in a short line of code which solves client problems, which eventually pay the bills.

But how could I stand the mild silence of the night in front of my notebook, without my headphones connected to the STB, feeding the HDMI port of the flat TV. Doris sleeps nearby, hearing nothing, seeing nothing. It’s almost 1 AM.

On HBO begins the movie “Blindness.” The film features Julianne Moore. Sorrow but possible, unlikely yet realistic, the storyline presents a city hit by a sudden “white blindness” epidemic. An excuse for testing the Latin proverb: Homo homini lupus –Latin phrase meaning “man is a wolf to [his fellow] man.” Julianne Moore is maybe the perfect actress for playing the woman whose sight is unaffected by the plague. Following her man in the quarantined hell of an abandoned hospice, where criminals are not enough to make horrific things at home.

Yes, you’re gonna see Julianne Moore naked, if you haven’t so far. But I doubt you’ll ever think at brothels and dancing bars. Because the woman, when despised, knows how to sternly break a snake’s head.

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