The Christmas Get Fat Diet

Let us talk about the reverse diet of Christmas! That is when we all indulge into more meat, more carbs, more everything. Only to feel sorry about stuffing ourselves. Paul Panzer ranted on RTL that some are gaining weight from Christmas to the New Year while others do the same from the New Year to Christmas. Well, in which category should I fit?!

If we’re taking our lifestyles as a continuous diet then I can tell I have adopted one myself. Certainly not a “lose three kilos in four weeks diet,” for instance. For sure not a diet forcing me to eat rice-only meals to the point I would start asking myself: “Was I born in China?” And definitely not that kind of diet where you gotta carry your cabbage soup along in a container, because cabbage soup is the queen of slim fast, weight loss diets.

Oh no, I’ve heard there are that other sort of diets: the ones which are helping you to get fat!
As you may notice, such get-fat diets are not necessarily unhealthy. Because it’s a  mistake to believe that skinny equals healthy no matter what. So if you feel too flat, just dare a leap in the third dimension with one or more of the following tips:

1. French Women Don’t Get Fat Diet Review
It’s a diet based on eating for pleasure and portion control. Experts explain how it works…

2. Healthy fats are essential to good health

The human body uses fatty acids to do everything from building cell membranes to performing key functions in the brain, eyes, and lungs.

Polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats are proven to be an essential part of a healthy diet while saturated fats are simply not necessary, since our bodies are producing them, and the transfats are pure poison if ingested. Well, the most popular diets are those promising the fastest path to losing weight. You know, weeks (maybe days?) before an important event in our life. When we need to enter that amazing dress. Without tearing it to pieces. So we may capture the looks of the admiring audience. For the glamor of the moment… And thereafter? Doesn’t matter. Life goes on –diet-less– until the next event will remind us about the forgotten torture of some new (old?) dress. We may call this cycle as the-diet-for-the-dress lifestyle.

Ladies are doing diets all the time. They want to get slim, by every new diet they affirm this new commitment. Aside the case of particular health cures, my opinion is that we ought avoid diets altogether. Diet plans are not helping us the way a good thought through lifestyle will do. It’s about keeping course, about a permanence capable to guarantee our real silhouette. Never mind if you’re more or less curvier or skinnier. Make sure that you’re eating healthy foods, that you supplement accordingly and exercise enough. Day in, day out. Let us feel good in our skin, in our body.

The best we can do is avoiding shock diet treatments, because gaining or losing weight in a short period of time, oscillating between distant margins, may have a negative effect on our health.

I had to pass through three carriages. Each time I almost doubled myself. From 55-60 kilograms easily up to 90 kilograms, during the nine months carriage intervals. Last time, carrying the twins, I had the ambition to reach the 100 kilograms mark. Lucky with the docs who stopped me short of that. Those “merciless” doctors prevented me from reaching my “personal record.” Good for them, and for me.

I’m now proud of my body weight, normal for my height (58kg/165cm) and I’m staying course without following any diet. As previously said: it is all about adopting a lifestyle. With a strict eye for daily feeding and supplementing, lots of exercise and love, spiritual and physical love (simply said: sex.) Yes, sex is of great importance for your healthy lifestyle, especially after a certain age. Thanks God for my hubby who is caring for my hormones in his gentle and always predictable ways.

Now, during this short fat week of Holidays, from Christmas to the New Year, I am (again) off course with my lifestyle. Still not abusing the goodies more than a tiny bit. To put my money where my mouth is, please look down at the mirror pictures. Left image is my silhouette at the beginning of last December, before the yearly Christmas get-fat diet. Right is shy me, feeling fat, in a photo taken early January of 2010. Let’s see the new mirrors when January 2011 comes, calling my constant lifestyle to its own rights… Shall I have the courage to share them with you?

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