Panties, No Panties

The Christmas get-fat-fast diet worked! I was 58 kilograms two weeks ago and now I added two. At 60 kilograms, my curves began to show out a bit. But let’s keep course with the diet first, shall we? First, my homemade cookies. The walnut and poppy seed Beiglis are, naturally, the center piece of my Christmas home cooking.

On Christmas Eve, our dinner table was adorned with a whole stuffed turkey, that landed only after the bio farm grown peacock yellow soup and the dried plums stuffed turkey breast steaming right out of the oven had been cleared. Don dropped his camera to eat them all, along with the kids and their grannie, and me. By the time I realized no meat photos were made, the meat was gone, washed down under sweet white wine for the ladies, red dry wine from Pays d’Oc for “deh man” and plenty of Hoches C 100% orange pulp juice for the kids. So my daughter’s almonds and kiwi cake was the only thing left to shoot late at night.

For the New Year’s Night, after playing activity and dancing on music hits out of the ’80s, we indulged on Rindsschnitzel mit Rotweinsauce, which translates as veal cutlets with red wine sauce, sided with sliced carrots, a raw trimmed carrot-cabbage salad, millet and various vegetables.

During the past two weeks, menus were casually more protein rich, generally more carbs rich and constantly more often. Look what this sustained diet did to my side shape: nearby photo while wearing panties. Well, it was the New Year’s Eve, I was playing activity with the kids, my mom was assisting, so how could I dare enter 2011 without wearing any panties? Follow the red snap of contour on the photo to notice where the panties edged my fat curvy shape. Compare this with the picture below: same dress but this time no panties. See no tightening traces altering my natural curves.

Yes, I have to admit: this paragraph above is inspired by Don’s perspective over my body. Probably he’s not alone. Men do think in terms of shapes and curves about their women after taking their panties off. How do I think then? That when celebrating an important event together with my entire family, then I need my panties on and my heart up.

Especially when Don brought me under the mistletoe, knelt in front of me, after clumsily getting a little velvet blue box out of his jeans’ pocket, and proposed to me — YET AGAIN! — at our 23rd proposal anniversary, with a new and magnificent Chateau d’Or Gold Rhodolith Ring.

I love it, mostly its purple stone, even if, according to Don, he bought it on (the way he’s doing with most house stuff, gifts or utilities alike.)

Happy New 2011!

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