My Pleasant Chore

In photos, I always like to catch family events. I keep reviewing pictures that are reminding me, in pleasant ways, about each and every family event.

More and more ladies wish to be admired. They use to pose in lighter clothing, or even without any, so they may ripe some admiration. I think they are doing this mostly for themselves. They need to be caressed with admiration. Me too, when sending away a photo, first I have to make sure that it is on my liking. I am self critical enough, or at least I believe so.

The photos taken, and sent out, with the occasion of our most recent holidays, returned but compliments. Some were comparing me with a teenager. Others replied that I look younger and beautiful as always. One asked what’s the secret of rejuvenation.

Naturally that such flattering makes me feel good. I was counting on this. Plus, this is the way I feel: younger and maybe more attractive than ten years before. The secret is to be found, first and foremost, in my eating habits and life style: a properly adjusted supplementing program and definitely daily sex.

Only few years ago I became conscious about the major importance of hormone regulation by natural means. While caught in the social activities, and growing my children, sex used to be a second thought, or a third one? Anyway, it wasn’t on my mind as often as it happens to be now. I used to consider that sex is a necessity only for him. And he used to take care of me, being tender and loving, making me feel good, arousing pleasure in me. But I was still feeling that I can walk around without this type of sport.

Later on, I had to admit that my body is really needing this kind of activity. And then I made it a programmed necessity, in my head. Not always I’m in a mood for sex. Not always is the right moment to have sex. What’s most important though is that, by the end of the sex session, I gotta sense that I’ve reached my planned purpose: balancing my hormones and resetting my body. And because I have a unique partner, because I love him, I always manage to fulfill this sporting chore in most pleasant ways.

Doris sits open in red

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