Shopping for Shy Shoes

Thursday morning I’m telling Don we should go shopping before he ignites his laptop, or else he most probably will end up strangled by the invisible torturing task list waiting for him inside that little black machine. He agrees and we leave home at 8.30 am. The bank, the post (the bills), the supermarket, and finally the health store, are providing the means and merchandise to fill our Passat Variant’s quite huge trunk, the way we were doing about every week before Thursday morning. Then I tell him: “Let’s go to the Hong Kong wear store downtown. Since we ditched the plans of ordering from OTTO, it makes sense we take a revenge and buy cheap, poor Chinese quality, casual stuff instead. Right?”

No comments…

“In less than three weeks time, we have to attend a prom. Right?”

“Indeed. We have no other choice than to go and buy from that Chinese store.”

And so I kept my Don with me for about an hour, inside that vast Hong Kong building floor, stuffed with all sorts of clothing. For kids, for ladies, for men. And with shoes!

It is no easy choice picking up the right pair of shoes to wear at your daughter’s prom. But it wasn’t the first time my eyes were meeting with the merchandise. I knew where to go and what to find. Minutes later, my decision was made: these black shoes match my hand purse and will play a good contrast with the purple pink of my evening dress. I snatched them (some $17 worth). This ain’t meaning we’re leaving because Don mentioned we should look for some sexy outfits too. The photography daemon inside him is asking for even more gee strings, new garters, stockings, some high heel boots or (yes) shoes, no bras… why bother?!

He’s back from the lingerie department, showing me a red thong front barred with a tiny cute stainless steel chain, together with a suspender-string set, also in red. Both for $5. Deal. Then I ask him: “How about some boots? Have you found anything interesting out there?”

“Guess I did. Follow me!”

Many more customers touching, studying, trying boots. I had my pick, several times, then I gave buying boots entirely up. Why? Because they are good to wear when posing nude, or in sexy lingerie, but if I need them for walking, like normal people do on the streets, then these boots won’t last long. Thin soles and high stiletto heels are neither a recipe for comfort, nor reliability. So I was about to give up the idea of buying boots, at least for the time being: “Don, although I like them a lot, and I wish you buy me similar boots, some time, can we skip them for now?”

“Sure, why?”

“Look at these soles. Don’t think they’re gonna last long. Plus these boots are a pain to my feet. The only place I could see me wear them is in front of your camera. And we’re having other priorities, at least for now.”

“Totally agree. When we can afford a pair of sexy boots, then I want them to go above your knees.”

“OK. Let’s get back to the shoes sector. I wanna show you a pair of daring shoes.”

“Those high heels with leopard skin imitation and thick soles?”

“Aha. You eyed them, eh? What you thinking?”

“Well, they look sexy, no question about that. But may I say that they look too sexy, rather whorish. The kind you see in cheap porno movies.”

“Aren’t we buying this type of outfits here?”

“We are. But I don’t want you to wear whorish shoes. You know, always when I look at you, dressed or not, when I watch the nude pictures with you, I see your style. You are to me like a diva with the most charming voice and the most delicate funny looks. You’re my house bunny!”

“And these shoes are the type house bunnies use to wear all days, and even nights.”

“Those are other houses’ house-bunnies, while you are my house’s house-bunny. Big difference!”

I sheepishly smile back at Don, allowing him to further elaborate:

“You know, it’s about the class and distinction I’m seeing in you. Doesn’t matter if you are wearing decent clothes, or sexy strings, or if you’re just sitting and walking nude in front of me, or in public. There’s class inside you, that you inherited, and that’s what makes you, after all. These leopard style shoes are cheap, not only money wise, but they’re also a non classy idea of a shoe to wear. Look at those two inches thick soles, screaming out: she’s a whore!”

“So you’re not at all comfortable at me walking in public with such whorish shoes, but you don’t mind posting nudes of me on the net?!”

“Aha. Gotcha! You’re teasing me.”

“Yes, I do.”

“Then please hear, once again, the Porsche comparison. This is the type of talk every man can understand: I’ve got myself a Porsche. Brilliant and exquisite. I love to drive her on good highways and show her to friends, or to a casual passerby, so they can admire my Porsche. Maybe do some smalltalk about cylinders, horsepower, the shiny voluptuous curves, you know. But no way allowing anyone to touch my Porsche’s pedals! You may watch, but do not touch! –this the Porsche Principle.”

“So don’t you wanna change the winter tires for your Porsche this year?”

“Not with these daring shoes. Shall we find a good and usable pair of boots, yes, I’ll buy them for you.”

Within the budget of the day, I can declare myself content with two red thongs, a red suspender and a black pair of shy shoes for the prom after Valentine’s Day. Got pictures with all these not so expensive and pretty much shy products. Posting them along and cannot help myself to show you a closeup with my Chateau d’Or Gold Rhodolith Ring.


2112x2816-cougarbunnies-coldncloudy2 – Cold and cloudy January 2011.

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