Men to Women: Boring or Funny?

He is swapping wallpapers as often as he wants. It takes him but a couple of mouse clicks, or a few seconds. Yes, I’m talking about screen backgrounds on his laptop, not about proper wallpapers in the house. If I would give him the green light, those wallpaper images will be an easy find on Google. But I am still fearing such a situation, so I’m not seeing myself allowing him this kinda liberty. Guess you’re starting to figure out what I’m rambling about, do you?

It’s again about his hunter passion for slightly dressed, and nude, ladies. Yeah, tell us something we don’t know. All men with a laptop love to relax their eyes over an erotic wallpaper. What’s so special then with mine? Not much, just the fact that his huge collection of erotic wallpapers is dominated by one single model. That’s me. Sure, he grabs from the net, now and then, naked stretched bodies of unknown models, or celebrity nudes. But I don’t remember seeing one of those other images installed as a wallpaper on his multiple screen spaces –four to be more precise, as this is the setup for his KDE/Linux operating system.

Yesterday, during lunch, I was narrating about husbands playing nannies at public events. Everyone at the table grinned some, knowing that mine seldom attends such events. And when and if, then he’s the “nanny” of his precious Canon camera. And I tell my grown up daughters to fish that kind of men for them, convertible into nannies. To this, daughter number one responds: “Really? You mean that? Because those are slipper husbands. Boring. I don’t think I want that!” Smiles turned into laughter and the two men at the table exploded in roars. Like father, like son.

A thrilling man, as opposed to a boring one, seems to be an unspoken desire of women. Yes, sometimes I’m longing for situations and things not meant for me. What if my man was a nanny-type husband? So I could use him at public events. Because he would certainly attend any event I would instruct him to. A nice cozy thought. He told me that he really finds no particular interest in being a nanny at home, less in public. That he had his forced portions of this while twins were small and thank God they’ve grown up to some decent degree of autonomy. And then he’s been telling me, in private, that boring nanny-men are not the types having their wives drooling after them. “You’d either become a fat mama cooking too much, or you’d start dating if I’d have been the boring man you’re longing after.”

I suppose he is making a point here. Ladies are fond of interesting men. We prefer to fix our nest on a truly solid tree. Because we’re looking for certainties. Take our teen dreams, for instance. Which girl can tell that she never dreamed of Prince Charming taking her to his castle. See? The castle is the place where our dreams used to converge. A castle is a fortress, a very safe place, after all. And it also requires a ruler, a master, a man in it.

Juvenile girlie dreaming stuff turns into a wonderful life long marriage or gets lost amongst empty deceptions. One after another, men come and go, and you just can’t make a decision. Not that you’re gonna follow a stochastic equation to model the pairing process in humans before you can pick up the right groom for you. It’s bit more simple than that: look for humor, spontaneity, some signs of maturity (never expect large amounts of this one), and a clearly focused passion. Surely, your person has to be the epicenter of his horizontal passion. But keep on scanning, to discover his vertical passion too, because that may be the actual recipe for your lasting and loving marriage. He certainly draws your feelings with his genuine love for you. It is only when you’ve found that vertical love in him, for something spiritually healthy, then you make sure he knows where he’s driving, and where he’s gonna drive you along.

Case in point: do you think my man is nothing else than a bragging mirror of his loving wife? That would bore me to death, ladies. But I keep living –should I say surviving?– from a surprise to another. Surprising me –in pleasant yet thrilling ways– makes a great deal of mastering me. Regardless if I like it or not, that excites the hormones in me, and this is worth loving him.

Erotic Cougar Wallpapers

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