Why Keep Your Pubic Hair

Don telling me that today you’ve gotta specify “hairy” in Google so you can find a natural nude. And nope! We’re not the restless naturists lounging for armpit hair and prominent bushes. Not at all. It’s good and hygienic to shave and trim. Case in point: if I plan to show off my new bikini at the beach; or if I gotta pose, which I don’t plan. Then it is time to shave some sides but not the middle! That’s good enough to have it nicely trimmed, maybe in a little heart design, since Valentine’s Day approaching.

Here a short list of what pubic hair is good at:

1. Doctors say it’s probably there to help catch and spread the scents a person’s body gives off—called pheromones and glandular secretions—which are powerful aphrodisiacs. These scents are one thing people pick up on when they become attracted to someone else.

2. Other pubic hair functions may include helping to lubricate the genital area during intercourse, to make movement more comfortable and much smoother so the friction doesn’t cause chafing.

3. Pubic hair may catch and prevent everyday bacteria from entering the body.

4. Pubic hair is a dry lubricant for sex. When two people are having sex their genital areas are touching. Pubic hair prevents the skin to skin rubbing.

5. It also does a good job with keeping the area clean, especially for females. It catches their discharge. Really, women should not be shaving all their pubic hair off like they are these days. Pubic hair is the first line of defense against bacteria down there. It serves the same function as nose hair and should be kept clean.

Besides, if you shave it all, then his imagination is left blank, without the chance to admire a new design down there. This is why I just trim most of the time and never shave it entirely.

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