A Moment of Pink

A merry Monday morning started the last week of this mild February. Don sends me out to solve paper problems. He says that my experience from the nineties is yet another good under sleeve card to put on the table once in a while.

I quit my habit of waking him up at 8 am with my hot naked body. He’s focusing on work and so do I. Two hours later, I’m back home with socializing completed. “You made it!” –Don welcomes me this way judging after the jolly expression on my face. I made it, really. Something left for tomorrow, of course, but the business went well this morning.

The cold air outdoors excited me and I need sex now. Not after fixing some emails and a couple phone calls. But because I’ve undressed myself to the body suit, before doing the emails and the calls, Don notices what he always does: “You’re my bunny. Let me take some shots of you!” And he jumps with the Canon camera at me.

In haste, I have enough time to land in the pair of shoes that my daughter inaugurated at her prom party last Friday. It makes me feel younger. Never forget to chase your age out with this feeling younger thought, my ladies!

The photo shooting ends up with an extremely appreciated strip tease and a great hour of sex and cuddling. Sex alone is more of a dedicated dry service. I plan to write a less cheering blog about these mechanical servicing moments. When I get the “do the job” feeling even if doing it with the love of my life.

On the other hand, as Don would say, cuddling alone, with no sex before or after, doesn’t matter when, is just a prelude with no purpose. But today, this Monday morning, none of those was scheduled. No bed plans. Could be that when we don’t plan it, then we’re landing on the best sex session for both of us. Some call it the surprise factor.

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