Sexy Wax Candles

Yesterday morning, in bed with hubby, we were cuddling, as always, no? And I dreamed out loud about us making time, going to a spa, enjoying massage, sauna, relaxing.

“Make sure you leave all kids at home, honey.” He rants with half a mouth.

“Definitely, Don. Only the two of us. Because we’re gonna walk around naked.” I’m exciting his mind to the max every time I mention we go out there, in some public place where nudity is allowed. His excitement often, or should I say all the time, ends up with wild sex. Mine is limited to the muscular entertainment of a good massage, to the health benefits that a sauna session would bring to our immune systems, to the thought of a day wasted doing nothing, other than relaxing. No chores, no obligations, no stress.

Oh, but I forgot to mention the jacuzzi, it came to mind when telling Don how great would be to have a two persons large bathtub, not a narrow one like ours. And for a romantic bath in two, inside a pleasant hot jacuzzi, I would generously spread some wax candles around, filling the room with a rose scent, for instance.

Scented wax candles are always a romantic treat, yet not always a healthy option. Because paraffin wax candles are posing several health risks. Candles “emit pollutants like benzene, styrene, toluene, acetone and particulate matter. Some core wicks on imported candles have even been found to be made of lead.”

Here a handful of recommended reading resources:

A healthy alternative to paraffin burning candles are those made of soy wax or beeswax.

Notice that some research is bashing on soy wax candles to large extents. But my expensive opinion would recommend beeswax candles. They generate negative ions which purify the air of pollutants.

Instead of inhaling Diesel-like fumes while you try to relax, here are some healthy and enjoyable fragrances, be it for gourmet or sauna, according to your momentarily desires:

Relax your body and satisfy your spirit with some comfort before the next week will unload a new truck of chores on you.

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