The Panix Factor, From Amygdala to Fukushima

With the tragic events in Japan, we refrain from too much “entertainment” on Doris’ dang space. Not in the mood but not at all prey to panic. Like many others, most of?, who stampeded into pharmacies after iodine capsules. It’s like shooting yourself in the leg, that is the primary effect of panic. Here what happens if taking an overdose, or when undergoing long term poisoning with iodine:

As about radioactive iodine isotopes reaching Europe or America from the leaks at Fukushima, that is such a long shot that we can forget about it. Unless some smart guy will import dust on purpose, or sell it on ebay, the way they do with Chernobyl souvenirs… incredible, but true.

Amygdala, down inside your brain, goes into reset and thus triggers your anxiety and panic attacks. Studies relate them to menstruation or menopause, to the hormone imbalance. That may happen but maybe it won’t last. So a better guessing about the cause of panic attacks is the cognitive void, the absence of knowledge, the threatening mystery, the unknown and unforeseen future. And because women plan more than men, it makes sense for ladies to run more often into panic attacks.

Have a look over this ionizing Radiation Dose Chart, study it carefully and patiently then draw your own conclusions before you would go out to protest against atomic energy (which is powering some seventy five percent of France), or before you get drunk to forget about the “approaching” atomic cloud from Japan, or before you ingest too many pills with pharmaceutical grade iodine.

Your best defense is an open and curious mind, knocking at the doors, asking questions and digging for good enough answers. Panic spikes every now and then, it’s natural, but too much panic will burn your body faster than radiation would ever do.

BTW, for decades there was more residual radiation out of Japan than inside, because they exploded but two small bombs over there, in 1945. Then, for decades, they tested thousands of much more powerful bombs in Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Russia, Novaya Zemlya, Nevada, the Pacific, Alaska, Mississippi, the Algerian Sahara, India, Pakistan, China, the Indian Ocean, Australia, etc. Pretty much all over the planet, just not in Japan!

Check out the wiki:

Last but not least, all our admiration for the brave people of Japan: with the disaster in their backyards, they are less hit by panic than the iodine frantic buyers in Europe.


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