How to Keep a Man and Avoid Divorce

Monday, Lothar Matthäus celebrated his 50th anniversary. Out of his four exes, two joined the party, together with his current to-be one.

In a recent interview, Lothar Matthäus mentioned that he would have never divorced and he would have stayed with only one wife for his entire life, if that was possible. Turns out it wasn’t. In our modern society, there are too many reasons for divorce and I think that most of them are caused by the wife, even when too often triggered by the husband.

The man, when you’re turning him into a husband (your hubby), always asks for simple things from you (his wife). The first one, and utmost important, is that you listen to and make some sense out of his ideas. Don’t expect to hear an excessive amount of brilliant ideas from your man, just ideas, good or bad, lame or crazy, safe or dangerous.

The complicated part of marriage occurs more in the mind, and the heart, of the wife. This because your husband wants everything to be simple at home. Lives of men are too stressing out there so they look for comfort and simplicity in their marriage. This means that so far you can ditch emotions out and construct a rationale for managing and maintaining your marriage, I may say that you are in control of your man.

Don’t stay passive and swallow every proposed inept infantile pub-going party, or the endless computer gaming with coming home friends (the worst case scenario) or with the online ones (less offensive but still boring). Show your personality without looking like his mother, or without lecturing him like a teacher. If you copy his mother then he might disregard you — the déjà vu sensation. If you look like a teacher to him, then he will consider marriage to be a never ending school with all those rules and restrictions that boys love to hate. Evading, read cheating on you, will come up top on his list and radar. Remember that men have a butt-legs radar that’s always turned on.

Sheepishly saturate him with sex, drain his fantasies in bed, then gently hit back with intelligent words and plans that match his ideas. It will overwhelm him: you’re beautiful, you’re hot in bed, you listen and obey, and then (incredible thing!) you’re also smart(er than him?) when he sees you planning ahead of his mind sketches. Oh yes, don’t take credit on you, but graciously give all credit to him.

Armed with a good dose of patience, expect that your effort will return in his ever growing love and aprreciation. Keep doing this to him for years and be confident that you OWN YOUR MAN! Humility and patience are the main keywords in the equation of marriage. Don’t play games with him, they all hate that when it’s coming from the wife. And, if you do want to play, then you’re opening the option to lose him throughout some more or less ugly divorce process. Marriage is no gambling.

Ouch, make sure not to make it public, the ownership feeling of your man, I mean, because they do not like to be treated as property, who does?


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