Midlife Sex: Domestic Cougars and Wild Spiders

The Cougar Craze is out, we were informed by the mainstream media industry. In the “Science of Cougar Sex: Why Older Women Lust” TIME is telling us that ladies between 27 and 45 report having the most of sex fantasies and desires.

And the cougar internet niche gets wider and wider by the day with plenty of erotic sites for cougars, about and with cougars. Why not adding a new angle to it? Consider the domestic cougar. Unlike the wild cougar, a domestic one should belong to a well defined ecosystem, maybe to a “farm” or a family. Besides this environmental distinction, the domestic cougar will keep her inner sex desires and lusts as intense and frequent as the wild cougar. Because the “animal” inside us is, after all, the same, right?

Sex for ladies is good, and more sex is even better. Let me dare say that sex with the same man is the best! Not being judgmental here, not looking to stir a competition of any kind with anyone. It’s not worth judging the past: what happened cannot be changed, that’s very sure. But same sure is that the morrow can be modified by your decisions, if you take them today!

Now comes the difficult part of your decision. That is making, or converting?, your chosen man to meet your cougar claims. Men of your age, or close to, are more mature and easier to get along with, to talk into something, to control (if you want), no doubt about it. Men of much younger age than yours, say between ten and twenty years younger, they tend to be more like your children (not surprisingly). They may perform five times a day, and five a night, but this pertains mostly to their lower head, which is the absolute non intellectual aspect of men. You’re gonna get all the sex you’re dreaming for and… this is it. Well, considering that this would be exclusively what you’re looking for (mere sex) then go for it. You’re a wild cougar and this article refers to the domestic cougar, a related, but distinct, sub species.

Nothing is perfect under the sun. This means that what you gain on one side, you may lose on the other. Younger men give you sex by default. Men of your age make a better match on the spiritual level, manifest same interests as you do, and they provide a saner and safer perspective over time. It’s easier for you to make a couple with someone closer to your age. The downturn hits where the cougar gets hurt: less sexual performance by the man. Or am I wrong?

Honestly, I can’t complain about mine. He tames all my cougar carvings. I don’t have time to be hungry, nor lusting for sex, because his offer is more consistent and intense, and diverse if I’m allowed, than my demand. But let’s say that this is a particular case, determined by our stable relationship we started during college and mostly by our healthy eating habits and balanced couple lifestyle. Above all, it’s about the honesty we invested in our relationship. He wants some porn, he shows it to me, he asks me and he gets it from me. I wish to call it erotica rather than porn, or romantic porn, or erotic loving romance, and he will oblige. What does really matter, for me and for him, is that we consume our desires together and that we complement our peace of mind with each other. I’m there for him and he’s always here for me. What else should I ask for?

If you’re like me, a domestic cougar, then the list below may be of some interest for you:

1. As a domestic cougar you must stay fit. Don’t eat junk food at all. Don’t do diets because they won’t help, on the contrary. But make your mind up (if you haven’t by now) to reform your lifestyle and eating habits so that you can maintain a slightly curvy but still slim body, a smooth well moisturized face skin and a rich long hair (only if he insists about the hair).

2. Make sure to apply your eating habits on your partner because a couple looks better when the partners look alike. No beer! Harsh statement, eh? Well, beer is an estrogen developer and the more beer he drinks the less potent it makes him. But you, as a domestic cougar, you lust after his potency, so improve his performance in bed by banning beer out of your home. Other stuff to ban: sugary yeast-based bakeries (white bread, pies, pastries, cakes and cupcakes, biscuits, cookies, crackers, muffins, rolls, pretzels, doughnuts, and other items prepared by bakers), sugar, pork, all processed foods. Eat living food, such as veggies, seeds and nuts. Make your own yogurt from non pasteurized milk. Put more than a drop of olive oil, extra virgin, in almost any dish. Unfortunately, you’ll have to cook daily if you don’t want to eat just cold salads. Slow food requires more time than fast food, makes sense, no? And the healthy eating list may endlessly go on, but I stop here because it’s not the central point of this article.

3. The decisive kitchen bans will create acute cravings and here comes your cougar case: fill them in with more practical sex. Replace the past presumed joys of eating mono-sodium glutamate (and similar synthetic sugars) by having larger portions of natural, vivid and wild sex with your partner. Oh yes, his stormed body needs supplementing because mere food, even if healthy, won’t suffice in reinforcing him enough to tame your cougar sexual fantasies. Supplement his meals with Co enzyme Q10, minimum a 200mg daily dose; lecithin; Omega 3 fatty acids obtained from mercury-free fish oils, natural vitamins, selenium (he was taking this from yeast, but with no beer and no breads, you both have to supplement on selenium); zinc (this is a fundamental fuel for his working prostate); magnesium and the list goes on but I have, again, to stop at the essentials.

Oh ladies, if you had the patience to read so far, aren’t you wondering what’s an article about us, cougars, with no mentioning of the blue pill, of the spam celebrity “Viagra” brand in it? My hubby never used it and I am doing my best to keep him away from manufactured medicines. But I’ve asked him to give me a funny story to cap my article with. And he picked one for me from a Slashdot post. It is about a Brazilian spider that bites the man, then the victim will experience an erection for many hours. Probably before experiencing more serious conditions. An excerpt from the article:

“Phoneutria nigriventer, sometimes called Brazilian wandering spiders or banana spiders, are hairy and unsightly little creatures said to have some of the world’s most toxic venoms. Aside from four hours of supposed pleasure, the venom will also incapacitate a person’s muscle control, cause severe pain and trigger breathing problems. In some cases – if left untreated – it could lead to death.”
I can hear the announcer now…”Side effects may include incapacitation or loss of muscle control, severe pain, breathing problems, and death.”

Have you ever encountered similar gruesome side effects warnings written on any medication? Good that I’m a domestic cougar in love with my sex spider, pardon, partner. Or else, like any wild spider widow, I couldn’t care less and let him die after fulfilling my momentarily lusts.

Midlife sex of a domestic cougar hot wife posing nude.
And yes, my hubby is younger than me, with couple of years, not decades.

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