Our Breakfast: Flax Seeds with Olive Oil and Avocado

Saturday, during the cougar craze, I was promoting lifestyle change in eating habits. This goes against the concept of following a diet plan. While a diet will put pressure on your psyche for a limited amount of time, lifestyle change will relieve stress from your mind, and body, for good. A frustrating diet will make you count the days to the end of it. Your brain will associate healthy food with stress and discomfort, longing for the so-called “comfort” of eating unhealthy, but erroneously enjoyed, foods.

A lifestyle change in eating habits, on the other hand, will make your brain listen to reason: in the past you were slaving to the bad eating habits and from NOW ON you DECIDED to toss the past away, along with processed foods, junk food, industrial additives, pork, transfats, synthetic sugars and so on. You’ve gotta like the taste of what you’re eating and this can only happen when you decide to eat the new food for what’s left of your life, not just for a “little while.”

Flax seeds are an excellent source of omega 3 polyunsaturated fatty acids. Low on carbs and high in fiber, flax seeds have a noble nutty taste. But if you eat them whole then they will navigate undigested throughout your tract. However don’t buy them ground because the best method to preserve the omega 3 fatty acids unaltered inside, with their natural complete nutritional power, is to store whole flax seeds.

Here comes a recipe by Doris and Don for your every other day breakfast. Why “every other day?” Because it’s not recommended that you eat the same thing day in day out. You must alternate foods.

Bio Flax seeds with squashed garlic, chopped greens, all soaked in olive oil, extra virgin:

Take two tea mugs (assuming that you have the breakfast in two) in which you’re chopping and squashing seven to twelve garlic cloves. You may up or down the garlic according to your preferences, just make sure you fill the bottom of the mug with it squashed or chopped.

Throw some sea salt crystals over the garlic. Remember that table salt, or refined salt, is bad because it is almost pure sodium chloride deprived of complementary magnesium and calcium salts — which were industrially processed out and replaced with small amounts of sodium ferrocyanide as an anti-caking agent. This is the salt you should not buy nor ingest. Use instead sea salt which is harvested in a more natural process and retains a larger specter of salts. And because it comes in small crystals, not in powder form like the refined one, you can be sure that the dangerous sodium ferrocyanide is missing.

Soak the salted garlic in extra virgin olive oil.

Time to grind the flax seeds. Because in milled state flax seeds oxidize quite fast, it is good to start this operation only minutes before commencing your breakfast. Plug in the coffee mill, fill in about four-six soup spoons, two-three for each, of flax seeds and grind.

Separate the resulting powder in two equal parts, for each mug. Drop some more salt (according to taste) and get creative with the green addons. Or just soak a bit more olive oil and homogenize with a teaspoon and serve if you’re in a haste or no other veggies come handy.

But let’s consider that some scallions, or some fresh leaves of basil, or a couple dandelion stalks are awaiting for you in the backyard or in the fridge. It’s preferably to pick them alive, fresh from the garden. Chop any of them to small pieces and top the flax powder mugs. Not necessary to cram them all for one breakfast, but use only one kind for a meal, leave the others for the day after tomorrow.

Have some rye crisp breads at hand. Wash and cut an avocado fruit. You may mix it with finely chopped onions, or leeks. And because it’s just a casual breakfast, you may forget about creaming the avocado and simply have it spread over the crisp rye bread.

Oh yes, top with curry or paprika, pepper, ginger powder. Pick one at a time, of course.

The base for this fast breakfast recipe is a triangle of flax seeds, avocado and crisp rye bread. It takes about fifteen minutes to prepare.

Rotating the greens with the garlic, and the topping paprika, pepper, ginger, etc. will kill monotony.

At occasions, you may replace the olive oil with thistle oil, or musk melon seeds oil, all cold pressed, just for diversity. You may even replace the avocado with Feta cheese. Or replace the rye bread with corn bread.

Eat an assortment of the above on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays.

On Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays simply get your oats. Ahem, I mean the oatmeal porridge bowl with still mineral bottled water, frugally warmed up for a couple minutes or so. Add a chopped kiwi or banana and some cinnamon powder on top of it.

What about Fridays then? Well, this is the drink-only-water day of the week.
Stay fit!

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