Sensitive, Teasing Nude Sketches

Sometimes I’m courageous, like when it’s about protecting my family. But some other times I’m so shy, like when hubby wants to publish more nudes with me. And then I simply forbid him. Makes sense to keep his midlife crisis in chess, otherwise his photo shooting passion would make my intimacy way too public. I can figure that this should be a typically men thing: showing off nudes with the lovely wife. In spite of my refusals, he’s testing ways around. One of them is to publish paintings or sketches with my nudes.

There are classical ways of painting (or sketching) and not so classical. In our geek world, many are using Photoshop as their preferred painting instrument. But my Don is a Linux geek. Therefore his graphic application is The GIMP. Not as handy and direct as Photoshop. But this, he tells me, makes The GIMP more interesting, more intensive and imaginative.

After spending a couple of hours of sketching in The GIMP, he asks me to publish some of the post processed nude samples.

This is a quick sketch (click on the photos, pardon, sketches, to enlarge).
Topless White Bunny in Black Thong sitting on the bed.

This below is an aquarelle after the same photo…
Topless White Bunny in Black Thong innocently sitting on the bed

And this a pastel sketch, from another perspective.
Wintergarten Pastel Nude Sketch Backside

It’s all about teasing and daring a bit more. Teasing because a computer nude sketch is less than a nude photo. It’s not an exact reproduction of reality. Not showing the real detail, just letting the lines and colors, or tones, gently inspire your imagination. Should we call it art? Don says that’s not the case. Even calling it electronic art is a stretch. Then how to classify this kind of nude silhouettes?

“Manipulated images!” — answers Don. Why? Because they were initially original nude shots that he transformed into sketches by taking advantage of the special effects added to an “image manipulation program,” aka. The GIMP, by the FX Foundry package of extensions.

Besides the teasing, it is also a daring because now I dare more. And maybe that I’m afraid because it’s not in my nature to pose nude. However, my loving hubby wants me to be as unconventional as he is. Can’t complain about the fun of feeling good in your own skin, this against the aging odds. “Then why not dare show off more of it?” — says Don. “In sensitive but teasing sketches.” — say I.

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