Manage Lipoedema with Good Exercise and Nutrition

They say that one in ten ladies in Germany suffers from Lipoedema. This condition typically onsets during puberty. What is lipoedema? The wiki tells us:

Lipedema is a disorder of adipose tissue distinguished by five characteristics: 1) it can be inherited; 2) it occurs almost exclusively in women; 3) it can occur in women of all sizes, from the seriously underweight to the morbidly obese; 4) it involves the excess deposit and expansion of fat cells in an unusual and particular pattern – bilateral, symmetrical and usually from the waist to a distinct line just above the ankles; and 5) unlike the “normal” fat of obesity, lipedemic fat cannot be lost through diet and exercise. Surgery is highly controversial, and in many cases, can make the condition worse.

Good… and wrong… at some point. Because lipedemic fat actually can be lost through nutrition and exercise. Yes, remains the interpretation of terms, if we equate “diet” with “nutrition” or not. If the term “diet” refers to a temporary eating regime, when you force yourself to eat what you don’t like only to carve for the moment when you’re gonna wolf back on the curry wurst, then Wikipedia is right: you’re hopeless.

This is why more sensitive ladies will refrain from doing diets and embrace a new and healthy nutrition lifestyle. Couple it with the same good and healthy daily exercise, of course. The recipe for good nutrition and exercise has yet another essential ingredient, it is called “patience.” Because coming together never happens over night. Not with lipoedema, not with parasite cleansing, not with looking great and sexy, not with anything in life. Patience and diligence are your best friends, the two most modest and consistent of all. There’s no pill and no surgery, liposuction, to beat your willingness. It is about trusting yourself, about keeping course against all odds, about self-confidence.

You’ve already seen my legs on this dang site, courtesy of my hubby who’s so in love with them that he made them public. Okay…

But three times during my life, the legs went off to swallow in a not so aesthetic manner. It happened during my three pregnancies. And the worst one was the last one. Possibly because I was carrying the twins but also because I was past thirty-five. And, not to forget, because at that time my knowledge about healthy nutrition was not so extravagant as it is today. During my last pregnancy, Don was joking that when I was waiting at the traffic lights to cross the street, motorists had to blink left because of my huge belly. I almost reached a hundred kilograms in weight and that was terribly bad, unhealthy and immensely stressful.

To return to my initial slim and sexy shape, I exercised and, learning about healthy food and natural supplements, I radically changed our nutrition (saying “our” because this naturally affects my entire family). The imposed exercises came from running up and down the stairs, nineteen steps altogether, every time one of the two babies was crying, demanding for his, or her, rights. Never counted the runs but this happened tens of times a day, every day, year after year. The second exercise I followed was, and still is, gardening. I love my garden! It is my peaceful corner where I retreat to talk with my beautiful flowers, to admire the butterflies, to hear the green little frogs talking to each other while hidden in trees or under bushes… or to hide naked amongst the tiny jungle of fig trees — as Don would have me say (that’s more about his peaceful moments: camera in hand).

Let us leave everyone with his peace of mind and move on from exercise to diet, pardon, healthy and natural nutrition. It is of no benefit to jog an hour a day without paying a thought at what, and how, and when, you eat. This negligence will deplete your heart of essential nutrients, bringing life-threatening imbalances into your system. So, before you go out to exercise, make sure you feed your body with a healthy and rich specter of vitamins, enzymes, fibers, proteins, even good carbs or bacteria, like the probiotic in the Tibetan Kefir (about this in another, dedicated, article).

Back to our theme now: the lipedema! Here is a case of a lady, about my age, who carried this condition from puberty on and who managed to beat it. Because when, as a lady, you say that you feel good showing your legs, then this means you’ve beaten lipedema! Reproducing a meaningful excerpt from the story of Kay Havens-Galer:

After completing my course with Anne, I went back to California for several months. I joined a gym and lucky for me met an amazing trainer named Dave. Oh my goodness! My body started changing and so did my legs. Of course the Lipoedema was the same but my legs started getting smaller, the swelling reduced. At the same time my trainer put me on a strict diet of lean protein and lots of vegetables.  After about three months I looked at my legs and thought to myself, I could wear stockings and not be so afraid to show my legs. I was elated! And at that same time my happiness was intensified because I was about to get married. That was in December 2000. I felt beautiful on my wedding day and even looked at my legs and thought, WOW! They look pretty darn good!!!   That was a really good feeling.

And now inviting you to click the link above and read it all. There are even more stories down the page. This kind of experiences gives us hope that wiki is wrong, because lipoedema can be beaten, or managed out of the lives it haunts.

Two factors to apply: daily exercise and healthy nutrition.

And two friends to keep close to you: patience and diligence.


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