Olive Oil, for a Sexy Skin

Some blogs before, I’ve mentioned olive oil in our breakfast avocado with flax-seed recipes. Actually, we’re using olive oil for almost every meal, this because of its exceptional benefits to our health. Today I wish to brag more about olive oil and the benefits it brings to our beauty. Because our prime directive is charming our men, being a gracious and a pleasant presence to our loved ones, being beautiful.

Most commercial beauty products are based on paraffin, mineral oils, or synthetic matters. These are, to a certain degree, derivatives of crude oil or petroleum. Not something to connect with skin care. Liquid paraffin, also known under the code of E-45 in Europe, is present in moisturizing oil, baby oil and cosmetic creams. Side effects of these products can be nausea, vomiting, rashes, allergies and a host of inconveniences, depending on the individual using them.

Let’s take my case. I’m past menopause and my hubby makes me have sex with him on a daily basis (almost). He motivates this is the best anti-aging therapy (1)for his own male necessities and (2)for my female hormone regulation and lubrication. In our long-lasting monogamous couple, sex is the best therapy. But because I have to cope with the many trivial (yet stressing) duties of a housewife and mother of four, my psyche, my mind, which is the center of my sex life (in women, the brain is the sex organ!) isn’t igniting as often as the unbrain of my hubby. This is normal. I told him that with all his cuddling, and caring efforts, half of our sex acts are for me like tooth brushing: you know you have to do that after the meals, willy-nilly; you know it’s important for your health and not doing it will eventually harm you; you’re treating it like hygiene. Wow, wow, wow… Wild dirty filthy sex changed his attributes? Indeed, because we’re doing it clean and we find nothing is dirty, nor filthy, with our love-making. Fantasies may (and do) run amok, but this is another matter.

Understanding that daily sex turns love-making into a trivial matter, that I may take it as a chore, hubby decided to further innovate. One material aspect of his numerous and surprising innovations is bringing an extra lubricant in bed. And guess what, he brought the bottle of olive oil from the kitchen. He serves me a navel-measure of olive oil at the beginning of our love-making session. I spread it down with my hands. It’s a pleasant and refreshing touch to my soft skin. Ensuing orgasms come way better and twice as many. I think “twice” in general terms, because I can’t accurately quantify orgasms. All of this because of a navel worth of olive oil.

Olive oil does wonders when you spread it anywhere on your skin. At three Euros a bottle (750ml – extra virgin, cold pressed) guess it beats all the cosmetic creams with paraffin. Yes, you should spread more oil than cream, maybe not as much for the cream to beat the price of olive oil. Still most important of all is not the price,  but the benefits to your skin and general health. Cold pressed, extra virgin olive oil has no side effects, is not just an aliment but also a cosmetic moisturizer, a vaginal lubricant, a libido enhancer. On the other hand, it even cures a horde of infections, but I stop short at the trivia of sex and love-making on a daily basis.

Olive oil, a good lubricant and libido enhancer.

The picture above features me pouring the navel-dose of olive oil for a morning of love.

And finally a link to the experts: Olive Oil for Face Masks and More: Nature’s Beauty Secret — this will give you more insights about what you can achieve with olive oil on your body and hair, and so on…

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