The Science of Sugar

I learned that sugar is bad for our bodies. It was during the 90s. Took no action at that time. Heard again about the dangers of eating sugar in 2002 or so. Then hubby was drumming at me about tossing sugar out of our kitchen. He refrained from eating any sugar based products. It was a pitiful image, he was eating only yoghurt with onions for a month or so, to cleanse. His example helped me take the steps in the real world. Interesting how I knew earlier about the noxious effects of sugar, but I had no apparent reason to take action and eliminate it from our lives. The drastic move happened in 2005 when sugar was banned out of our home. It stays like this as I write. Why did we took such drastic measures and gave up eating sugar? Because we knew the dangers? Not really. It happened when our bodies sent us some alert signals, when a few minor health problems popped up. It was wake up time for us! At least, it’s good that we learned from our own experiences.

There’s a saying about the wise people who learn from the mistakes of others, the normal people who learn from their own, and the stupid people who won’t learn, not even from their own mistakes. Position yourself in the category of the wise, just watch this movie (yes! 90 minutes long) and learn from the doctor, the studies, the science of sugar. It slowly kills you, sugar is toxic.



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