Killing Stress, the Peaceful Energy

The past two weeks went a bit too stressful for me. Can tell the same for hubby as well, but it looks like he handles stress better than me, or at least won’t let me notice otherwise.

For one, we took heed of the news regarding a construction project that, when (and if) completed will slap a fueling station not far away from our small green paradise behind the backyard. Hubby’s mind still works options of high fences and whatever he wants to do for closing view angles from outside to our secluded garden where we enjoy walking nude, sun bathing, doing some photo shoots once in a while.

The other stressing matters are old news, just more intense, unwilling to let us breathe, stampeding all of a sudden to catch the moment. Well, we’re confident that the moment will pass exactly as it came.

Have you heard of Vilcabamba? It’s a picturesque valley somewhere in Ecuador where regular folks often live past one hundred years, with some exceptional ones reaching a hundred and forty. Dogs live as long as twenty-five years long. A guy fathered a son when he was eighty. The climate in the Vilca valley (that’s what bamba means, valley) is moderate and constant at twenty Celsius degrees all year round. It’s a quiet and peaceful retreat where time, it seems, gently slows for a lake of chatter before following its normal downstream flow to the future.

Questioned, the local buddies cast all cares to the winds with a daily glass of water they drink from the river, with the many vegetables they eat and by kissing a lady. And they laugh then. Not sure which is the most amusing part of all…

To my thinking, the most amusing of all is killing stress away. The peace of the valley could be correlated with some ground energies coming from metals or minerals in the ground. But we don’t know about that, even if evidence tells us that the environment plays a great part in making Vilcabamba a paradise of peace.

Constant stress is devastating to your health. Do not take it lightly or assume that’s the “normal” way of living for you. Because it isn’t. You’d better stress a bit about how you can make it go away. Discipline your relaxation and happiness every day, every morning, afternoon and evening. Kill stress before it kills your health with one of the following verified methods:

  • eating more vegetables,
  • plan your relaxing hour in the morning, before starting the day, as well as in the evening, before calling it a day;
  • laugh as much as you can, the best laughter is when you laugh at yourself;
  • sports and fitness, more gym less jogging, and yes, kiss a lady every day — ouch, if you’re a lady then wait and he will kiss you.

The oldest folks of Vilcabamba say that they got tired of living past the century. That’s where too much relaxation leads you: to tiring boredom.

Have a blessed and relaxing weekend!



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