Romance Behind a Nude Photo

Today is our first stressless day after a long while. Define “long” by three hectic weeks of extra chores, by less pleasant news about urban feats about to rise near our neat garden, by a short and great trip that was nice but physically soliciting, by not being home alone, just the two of us, the way we used to be for all the past decade or so. And — consequently — by having sex only by night, behind a locked door, fearing our lungs would make loud noises around climax time, sounds that should not transpire from downstairs to the upstairs. All the above is what we call stress, more or less.

So today we jumped the gun, err, the Canon, and shot some pics with us in the backyard. A sunny morning of May, tempting my bunny with fresh leaves and slightly wet flowers after the nightly rain. The photos are nothing special, same old landscape, same old flowers, same old bunny. Old? I don’t think so, because I find her younger by the year. See for yourself.

Nude bunny wife in the backyard.

Yuck, a nude photo of my wife. Wasn’t she against posting nudes with her on the net? Indeed she was. Remember the nude sketches trade when I had to fight my instincts to a compromise? Well, this was then! Because today I caught her in a good mood. Not to brag but I think there was some contribution of mine, after the photo shooting, to her happy day. And I asked her once, “look at this photo, you’re wonderful, see that butt of yours poking out, and the cute looks, gazing over the fence, guess you were afraid of the neighbor not to climb in his trees or something, eh? Can I post this pic of yours on deh dang site?” Silence broken in the kitchen, Doris hastes up to the laptop: “this one? No way!” And I took silence from there, with me. Because it’s not wise to argue with your wife when she makes this kind of resolute statement.

Half an hour later, while doing my business, she asks me if I allow her to shoot a short movie with the green nature in her garden. Sure, and I show her the how-to’s. Yes, this is no erotic movie, just an essay about her gardening hobby. When she returns with the camera to my laptop, where I gotta download and process the movie into FLV, for her gardening blog, then I stumble upon, accidentally of course, that morning picture of hers, in Eve’s garments “oh, I say to her, look at you again, I can’t help myself loving you.” And she dares, not very convinced, “do you still wanna post it on deh dang site?”

“Only if you say so.”

“Well, just write a blog about how I am opposed to posting nude photos with me on that blog, and on the net, in general. Then I’ll let you publish it.”

Done! Doris opposes any action that will result in posting any nude photo of hers on this blog, or on any other site on the net. I said it, in writing! Right?

The point of this story: if you are a gentle and loving husband, if you know how to combine romance with your sex desires, if you want your wife to share your fantasies, then you gotta make her feel confident and pleased about her soul and her body.

Beauty is to be enjoyed, on both sides: of the watcher and of the looker.

Same nude bunny in the garden.

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