Flashing in My Garden with Peonies

Yesterday early in the morning, walking to feel the dew from the grass on my feet. They say that’s a healthy practice and I’ve heard that some naturopaths recommend you touch the morning dew of May with your bare soles. Helps the soul and the body.

Don came out for his morning gym exercises in the garden. While working out, he sees a dragon-fly frozen on a rose. It’s too early for the temperature to allow her an escape out of our view. The sun is still away near the horizon, more than a couple hours to go before washing my garden in heat and warming insects up to their daily buzz. So hubby runs after his Canon, to shoot the dragon-fly.

Dragon fly got frozen on a rose.
Once he’s tired of angles and zooms, he turns on me: “Flash off your shirt, babe!” Well, do I have a choice? Should I look for an option not to flash? Why not? So I dare my breasts out in front of his camera. Then I hide them as fast as I flashed them before, in a matter of seconds. He caught me but he can’t publish any, until I say so.

After flashing in front of his camera, I ask him to shoot some flowers, especially my peonies. I’m so proud of them because they are really beautiful and, what I heard of late, peonies roots are a good medicine for women.
My pink peonies, good to watch and good to drink.

Peony root is a famous and highly prized blood tonic used to relax muscle and cleanse the blood. It is one of the most highly prized women’s herbs used traditionally to help regulate the female hormonal cycle and to tonify and purify the blood. It is also used as a pain reducing agent and as an emotional stabilizer by women. It is said to relieve cramps and spasms anywhere in the body. In particular, it is considered to be highly effective in relieving menstrual cramps. Peony root is also believed to extend life and to promote beauty. An old Chinese saying states that “a woman who consumes Peony root regularly becomes as beautiful as the Peony flower itself.” Men should use Peony as well, since it has an antiaging effect without effecting hormones.

Read more about the peony impact on women health here. Another source tells us that:

Some of the ailments the peony has been prescribed for in the past, updated research has indicated that its usefulness can be enlarged upon, particularly pertaining to osteoarthritis, breathing problems and respiratory tract infections, as well as hepatitis, neuralgia and PMS. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and migraine headaches sufferers will be comforted to know these areas of concern are part of the ongoing research as well. Additional help is on the way. At this point of the research, the Peony is being considered for short-term use, but as more research and usage progresses, it may increase to long-term use.

Opening a pink rose.
And there’s one more, the pink rose, subtle and sublime. When I get naughty it reminds me of something. Told hubby about it, he seemed surprised, never thought of comparing the two, but eventually agreed that they look-alike, somehow…

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