The Librarian and the Stripper

Men love to fantasize about their women. Well, about women in general, not just wives and girlfriends and mistresses. It’s a feature and not a malady, at least so far we can balance it with some directional sense. Who would enjoy immersing too deep down in his own fantasies, erring so far away that medical staff may feel obliged to count him with the schizophrenics? Because when you have a hard time differentiating between fantasy and reality, then the natural feature is not a funny distraction anymore.

Case in point: me. I often fantasize about my wife being a stripper. No, no, no! Not that kind of public stripper that takes the dollar in the string. Not the kind of professional sex worker. For sure, this type occupies a neighboring segment of my brain, also known as the no-go fantasy world. But, thinking with my domestic segment, I’d like that we install a pole in the living. And I can only hope that some day, years from now in the future, this fantasy will become reality for me and gymnastics for her. For the present times, I like when she strips in front of my camera. And I never opposed taking her skinny dipping. None of these real events happens as often as I’d wish to. But this is reality piling on us obligations and tasks that fit less in our fantasy world.

You may think easy about my wife, since I genuinely state here that she performs a strip or two, in front of the camera, whenever I so desire. You may think even easier down the road. And if you do that then you are wrong. Because I didn’t fell in love with the stripper but with the librarian in her.

See? Like men, women have their double lives as well. Just that they tend to be more shy about expressing their fantasies. For various reasons, probably the prime factor is that the social codex tolerates men who talk and “do” with more omission than women who “do” and talk. Have you heard about a man-whore? Well, modern innovations brought this gigolo or playboy type to our attention, but it’s a side product of the ubiquitous gossip, unlike the cherished central theme of the woman whoring around so that sisters can chatter and wonder while brothers can exclaim and imagine. This, the gossip, is actually the utmost sin of men and women. But I was talking about…

The Librarian

When I first met her, in college, in another epoch, during the eighties, she was the perfect shy “librarian” type. Studied Law at a top University. Graduated in top five and made a ten-year long barrister career (aha, still something having to do with a bar). That’s the über-librarian fantasy of men, and mine is for real. Oh, she never had to wear spectacles, because it wasn’t necessary. Not sure if this missing detail affects the stereotype of the sexy librarian gal you dream to date and lay and marry… and so on.

The Stripper

The other Doris remains a librarian on the inside, likewise on the outside. She can’t be a two-faced person — these things are dangerous, beware! In all her love and honesty, she always looks to understand and please me. And yes, to also correct my numerous deviations. Making me steer in the right direction, without one second pretending to be in charge, although I felt her leading more than once.

The marvel of sharing the bed with a perfect librarian is that she plays the stripper part with the same excellence she does all the other serious and socially acceptable tasks. She’s a pro, in every aspect.

The closing tip for this blog is that when you see a shy and flushing beauty (the librarian type) then it is the right moment to exercise your intellect on her. She will appreciate your effort and most likely will turn into your private stripper. And when you see a stunning stripper with sheepishly smart eyes that stir your interest beyond the public moments, then you should look for the librarian hiding somewhere inside her soul. Bottom line is that every sensitive woman is both a librarian and a stripper. The rest, like past details and happenings, like why this or that, is mere legacy.

To finish in the spirit of good librarians, I’ll post some pictures I shot last week, featuring my really fantastic personal stripper.

Tango top bunny looks at roses

Smiling tango top bunny.

Tango top bunny posing in the garden, with sunglasses and tanga.

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