The Chilling Nude

Many say that the state of nudity implies sexuality. This runs somehow opposed to nudist, or naturist, philosophy affirming that nude bodies are us in our natural and pristine state (which is quite true), and that social nudity is okay because it’s non-sexual and family friendly. Well, I, for one, have to digest more on the latter statement. I think that children must be protected, in a formal way, from nudity. I also doubt that nudity is asexual and therefore I dare question the validity of calling it “publicly safe” to children. This because of both psychological and physiological processes at work in the formation and mental development of non-adults, so to speak…

When I was 12, at school, in a break, I first stared at erotic pictures that a mischievous classmate cut off of some magazine to share and to brag. I had to take my time before wow-ing the thrill. At a first glance, my young mind did not understand the images. I had to watch and compare and compile to make a sense out of them. Ever since, my perspective stopped being pristine, but hell it was so natural!

See? Whatever we, dirty old men in our forties, will consider and wanna conjecture, children are better off outside nudity. Why? How’s that? — would jump an advocacy group — they were born nude and it’s all natural. Indeed it is natural, but that’s not the point. Animals are just that, natural. For humans, there’s more to accomplish in life than being natural. Which, by the way, is no accomplishment because we were anyway born so. So I’d say, give the kids the required time to load their minds with other beauties of arts and sciences and maths and literature. Allow them to gather all, or most of, the options for their future life. Then, when mature and educated enough, allow them to make their knowledgeable choices.

Oh, and one more thing, girls might think that nudity can be regarded in a non-sexual manner. Let them think that way. But boys will always affirm, or silently keep in mind, the tad of attraction (genuine and educated) for the unequaled beauty of the female body. It’s natural and sexual at the same time. Because otherwise there would be something wrong with nature.

Yesterday afternoon I read in the Daily Mail about the “Princess of whales: How a naked female scientist tries to tame belugas in the freezing Arctic.” Triple wow, it is natural, it is scientific and it is shivering sexy at the same time. The gal has what it takes. She is educated and smart enough to be a science dedicated diver. She has the courage to immerse naked below the icy waters of the Arctic ocean along with beluga whales! And look what a great body she has. Let not mention that her yoga experience gives her the possibility to hold her breath under water for ten minutes.

The whale boys are smiling at us…

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