The Garden Sage and the Wild Thyme

I wake up in the middle of the night, accusing a violent ache in my throat. I can feel my right tonsil, round and big as a plum. Can’t swallow. Can’t breathe. What to do in the middle of the night?

A home recipe comes to mind. Not surprisingly because I use to keep it in a small enclosed jar on the night stand, at hand’s reach. I open the jar and place a couple cloves under my tongue to moisture them. After a short while, when well softened, I chew on them slowly. In a matter of seconds I can swallow again. My pain considerably calms down. I jump out of bed and walk into the kitchen. I half fill an empty cup with water, then I mix a tea-spoon of sodium bicarbonate with a tea-spoon of sea salt and wash my throat with the solution. I return to bed sucking on a garden sage-based bon-bon.

In the morning, when inspecting my lovely garden, I cannot stop thinking about an herbal tea formula to alleviate throat aches. I admire the flowers of wild thyme in my garden. I take few flowery twigs from the shrub of wild thyme, and two leaves of garden sage. Back in the kitchen, I scald them all in boiling water, allow the infusion for less than one minute time because the plants are fresh and green. I filter and take my time sipping this instant herbal tea.

Before I can finish my cup of tea, the discomfort from my throat is gone. So I tell myself to repeat this procedure twice this day. Three cups a day suffice to clean your throat of any leftovers from bugs and other microscopic intruders. But because I feel no pain already, and because many other problems will seize the day, it’s very likely that I’ll forget about repeating this infusion. But you should keep in mind not to forget to sip — three times a day — this natural infusion of the two herbs: fresh flowers of wild thyme and a couple leaves of garden sage. This will cleanse your throat of ache and bugs.

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