Sex at Dawn, a Two-tier Biorhythm

Remember when all four kids were at school and mornings belonged to me and Don alone? Short of the weekends. These days are gone and will return in October or so. Kids are enjoying their vacation at home, where else? Our daily sex life has to adapt to the new and different conditions. It’s no big deal after all.

Have we switched the morning sex to the evenings? Not exactly. We’re too tired in the evening. It’s a rare feat for us to fall for each other at night. When this happens, I get twisted results. Most times it’s a frugal, “finish over faster and let me sleep” sub-routine sex. Few times it’s a marvelous fireworks and brain knockout for me. So sex at evening or night is an extreme sport: too bad or too good, but never good enough. It’s too good when I exit the tub, after spending almost an hour in the hot water where I mixed a cup of milk with few drops of melissa essential oil.

Now ladies, use your logic, how many times do I take this lazy hour-long relaxing bath before going to bed? Not so many, judging after the rare too good sessions of the evening sex. Short showers make the daily norm, after dealing with house and web chores.

Plus I need my beauty sleep to begin before nine o’clock. I read somewhere that every hour you sleep ahead of midnight counts double for your health and body cells to repair. Let not mention that Don is usually swamped with work during the evenings and sometimes the nights, courtesy of his American clients. He calls it the net-lag. And when Don is not in the mood, why should I be?

Hours later, all he needs is waking me up with his morning wood. It’s like telling me to gear up, the engine is humming. Every 5am. During the school year, my excuse was that I had to prep the kids. And this made him wisely wait until 8am, when I had no excuse left in-house. But now? Kids will descend downstairs, to the kitchen, no sooner than 8am. Hunger calls them… Good they sleep like logs between 5 and 6am. Every evening, by intelligent decree of Don, twins are allowed an extra movie, keeping them awake up to 10pm. As for the grand ones, they stay awake up to midnight anyway, each with her own personal computer. Eight to ten hours of sleep are recommended for a healthy adult of kid. They learned this and gladly observe the program. Reason for Don to lock access to the kitchen and the living at dawn.

Sex, silent sex, can deploy between us, the two old folks sleeping in the living, like guests in their own house. It’s not exquisite like when we were home alone. It’s not outdoors, although the weather is magnificent and Don won’t miss the chance when he sees one. It’s just above-routine morning lovely cuddling, intercourse and sixty-nines sex.

Every morning, day in, day out? Are you kidding me?

No, I’m not kidding you. My personal hormonal needs for an oil change occur every other day, and Don knows about this biorhythm of mine. But I know of his daily needs as well. He’s gotta change the brake oil every day. That’s rejuvenating him and helps with his creative juices, he says. But do I have a heart to leave him alone with his hand every other morning? No, I don’t. Won’t be fair of my part. And then I strip for him. Speeds up the brake fluid fixing routine.

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