The Fragrant Rose and the Smelly Rosetta

This will be an ugly post. It may stir controversy and possibly outrage. But what the heck, it’s my dang space after all. And a free world, right? Not exactly sure though.

It’s about the frantic push of activist groups towards legalizing gay marriage in the US and Europe. And about the small steps strategy of the evil (active) ones. Time before they asked the Christian society to simply accept homosexuals as they are (or were?). Well, our society eventually accepted them, and then ignored them. The same way as you accept that some other people may not behave exactly like you but, because you don’t have to like their ways, you are free to move along and ignore them.

Yet some people, the activist bunch, are not exactly pleased to be ignored. They have to seize the moment, every moment! To keep the stage and the microphone, for them and only for them. These people won’t let go.

This psychopathic feature is not limited to the activists of the gay movement, but rather common to most activist groups that aren’t capable of doing some creative work so they find pleasure in misery (their own) and in spreading it to those they envy because others’ happiness is “wrong” unless the others won’t “share” their frustrations. This mental disorder drove revolutions in the past and drives the gay marriage movement in the present.

Who cares about the demographics? Who’s interested in reversing the negative birth rate? — (which condemns our societies to a short but painful dissolution). Don’t trust me, read this: “We’re All Greeks Now.”

Well, this blog gets too political, so I must stay on topic, talking about healthy sex in marriage. This is so exciting and so pleasant, it will rejuvenate your body (if you do it often and only with your spouse) and it has a byproduct! Oh my, oh my… Make children, ladies! I made four. That’s my two cents contribution for the sunny future of Europe (even if it looks cloudy at the moment). And this motherhood contribution did not stop me from shooting nude in my 40s, from featuring in some romantic home porns, nor from having excellent sex with my hubby (the way he teaches me all the time). Telling you this again and again, so you won’t falsely imagine that I’m a bigot or something…

Ah, motherhood keeps me from solely being a sex machine? That’s true, but it’s also making sense. Because why do I walk the earth? Just to make a shadow and shout my ego out at feel-good protests like most egomaniacs “with a cause” do? Actually, if you wave the trend too deep, then you should stop and wonder, like mentioned by Mark Twain.

“Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to reform (or pause and reflect).”
– Notebook, 1904

And yes, homo-erotic stories were inspired from reality (not necessary an author’s reality). It is the shame-worthy side of our souls, leading to a surrogate sex. Because straight, real sex runs between a man and a woman. But incidentally, when the woman is missing, or unavailable for long, or unwilling, or… whatever, then the man, prisoner of his body pressures and mind fantasies, will look out for surrogates. Psychologically, a surrogate will never stand up to the satisfaction of the real thing. Sure, physical overdrive (this term I borrowed from my geek!) will not only frail the body sooner, but will warp the mind to (maybe) a point of no return. It is that social critical point when PRIDE justifies EVERYTHING. Let me quote from the article that inspired my blog:

And yet… something nags at those pressing for homosexual “rights.” Indeed, it gnaws at the roots of their disquiet and frustration. It drives them to appropriate-for-their-chosen-behavior terms that will cloak it in equality and give it the appealing whiff of the rose. It’s not enough that homosexual behavior be allowed… it must be approved by the churches. It must be endorsed by entertainers. It must be promoted in the classroom. It must be acclaimed by politicians. It must be celebrated by Americans everywhere. It must be made good – as good as purity, as embraceable as children, as respected as marriage.

However our legislators rename or attempt to redefine it, marriage is and will always be about the union of one man and one woman. People in same-sex relationships don’t need a word to validate the love, happiness, and commitment they claim to share. And that’s how we know it’s not about the love and happiness and commitment at all – it’s about changing the culture. It’s about holding society’s head underwater until society celebrates the thing it has always rightly rejected. It’s about teaching people that something they understand intrinsically as wrong is really right. It’s about calling evil good, and laughing at the transformation.

“Marriage” Fabricators Never Promised Anyone a Rose Garden

As a straight woman, I am not “outraged” by gay men (they can do whatever they want to their bodies; if they don’t care, why should I?); nor by queer women (hubby finds those ladies quite intriguing), but I’m scared about legalizing gay marriage and about similar legislative measures that will force MORE EVIL INSTITUTIONS upon us. As if the existing ones aren’t enough…

Back to my line: healthy sex in marriage. Make sure to be inventive and always lovely to your man. You don’t want him switching to the dark side… because of your lack of graceful communication and domestic sexual service.

Oh yes (while still in queer-land), anal is not good, regardless of who receives it. This is a medical matter not a question of choice. Don’t do anal!

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