Killer Parasites in Pork

More scary but essential info from the guy I trust.

The Cause of Most of Humanity’s Ailments: The Consumption of Swine and Crustaceans

Around the world, medical professionals have identified another set of diseases caused by parasites that reside in pork meat (originally called swine). This one affects many parts of the body, but usually takes aim at the brain; the symptoms — when it attacks the brain — begin with light headaches or dizziness that won’t go away. It can also cause seizures in some people.

Doctors generally diagnose the symptoms as coming from high blood pressure; but blood pressure medication does not stop them. They get worse and worse until the brain is finally clogged with cysts brought about by the parasites making their home in the head-then dying; they reproduce and then die, and that’s when trouble begins.

A slow and terrible death is the final result. At the end, doctors finally diagnose the symptoms as Alzheimer disease-a disease that traditional researchers are still unable to explain.

Here is a Taenia Solium starring right at you.

Here are the guts and eggs of a Taenia Solium; eat Swine and one will deposit eggs in you and it will die and cysts will begin forming. When the offspring die, hundreds more will form.

Here is a picture of one that took up residence inside a person’s bladder.

Magnetic resonance image showing multiple cysticerci in a person’s brain.

According to the US Center for Disease Control (CDC), cysticercosis is an infection caused by the pork parasite, Taenia Solium. Infection occurs when the tapeworm larvae are eaten. They pass through the intestinal wall and then enter the body to form cysticerci (or cysts) wherever they decide to nest.

The cysts migrate throughout the body with the microscopic parasites reproducing and living and eating and defecating and dying inside the human body, resulting in symptoms that vary depending on whether they lodge themselves in the muscles, the eyes, the brain, the bladder, or spinal cord.

When they land in the brain, it is called neurocysticercosis. The World Health Organization reports that neurocysticercosis is already a common cause numerous diseases in Africa, Asia, and Latin America-where swine is a staple food eaten almost every day.

When lodged in the muscles (usually diagnosed as fibromyalgia), these tiny bugs can cause severe soreness and stiffness, chronic fatigue and pain, and eventually loss of muscle tissue. Because human females have softer muscles than males, they tend to be the ones whose muscles this parasite attacks.

When in the eyes they will eventually cause blindness (usually diagnosed as macular-degeneration) and crippling forms of pain when tied to the spinal cord (usually diagnosed as arthritis).

It can take years for the detrimental results of this parasite to show in the muscles, the eyes, or the spinal cord, but the negative effects can — at times — be seen almost immediately when the parasite decides to take up its home in the human brain.

After eating a swine-filled taco in Mexico, a woman became nauseous and sick immediately and stayed that way for the next few weeks; then she began having seizures.

Doctors prescribed an anti-seizure medication, but that failed to stop the attacks. The woman ended up at the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale, Arizona, where after a series of tests doctors finally found Mr. Son-of-a-Bitch Himself: Taenia Solium.

She was fortunate in that only one had died and it had not yet reproduced, and so she had only one cyst; but the bug lay there in her brain decaying-which causes other cysts to form. The only way to stop the process is to operate and remove the dead bugger; they did, and successfully cleaned out the dead remains of the parasite and the cyst, and the lady got better. How would you like to go through an ordeal like that, simply to satisfy a gut lust?

Now, you may ask, as many have, can you not kill this parasite by cooking the swine? Although swine do indeed carry a heat-resistant parasite, Mr. Taenia Solium can be killed through the cooking process — if the meat is burned to the point of well-cooked bacon. But even then you’re putting dead and decaying parasites and parasitic fecal matter into your body, which also causes serious health problems. Do you really want to do that?

Warnings From Above and Below-Unheeded

I hate to say it, but this truly makes me laugh; but it also makes me sad. For of the many people that we’ve warned in the last twenty-five years not to eat swine — because it is a dangerous health hazard — barely a handful have listened and the rest continue to poison themselves with swine (and crustaceans, which are seabugs — not fish).

And as clearly as it’s written in the Lord’s Message, I can see no reason for compassion on a huge herd of stiff-necked egomaniacs who know more than the very Creator Himself.

Don’t forget it folks; the Lord said He would not be mocked (Galatians 6.7), and He truly will not be. He’s not going to swoop down from His Perch upon High and slap our dumbbell selves. No! He has His creation designed so that when we break the guidelines He’s given us to live by for our own well-being, we suffer — as do all crustacean and swine eaters.

I have a friend now whom I’ve been telling (read begging) for twenty-five years to stop eating swine and crustaceans, because he has terrible gout — the twin of arthritis (and also heart disease and digestive problems and diabetes and soon, death).

But nevertheless, the past Independence Day he burst out and ate a wad of swine and ended up in the hospital where the doctors warned him again not to eat the two causes of gout and arthritis — for a week his hands were so swollen he could not lift a telephone.

Did he stop poisoning himself? Nope. Although his girlfriend and daughters stay on him, urging and begging him not to eat these two toxic beasts, he went to the beach this past week and loaded up on lobster and shrimp and, you guessed it –ended up in the hospital in severe pain.

Can you have sympathy for people like this? I know many of them!

Traditional Christians will immediately claim that the injunction against eating swine is an “Old Testament law, and therefore has no validity today, because it’s not mentioned in the New Testament”; but although it’s initially given in Deuteronomy, never do the Scriptures rescind this health guideline.

Deuteronomy 14.8:
8. Also, the hog (and/or pig) is unhealthy for you to consume, for even though its hooves are split in two, it does not chew the cud. You should not eat its meat or touch its dead remains.

The above rule the Lord gave us for our health, to help us live long and healthy lives — not to punish us and keep us from enjoying ourselves, and not to send us to this mythical hot, ever-burning hell that cultic Christianity has invented.

Chewing the cud is one of the processes in which animals we’re supposed to eat cleanse their bodies of toxins. That process places the positive nutrients into their meat and forces them to excrete the negative ones.

Swine were created as sewers, to take care of the excrement dumped outside cities and camps. They were never meant to be eaten — and notice that He says not to even touch their dead bodies. This eliminates eating swine even when it’s cooked to the degree of well-done bacon.

Swine are in fact the only known animal to be able to subsist on their own dung. This they can do because of the powerful chemicals and enzymes inside their bodies that protect them from all sorts of poisons; but these chemicals are toxic to humans as are the poisons that swine consume. Moreover, because they do not chew the cud, these toxins go directly into their meat where they stay for swine suckers to slurp down.

For not obeying the Lord’s health guidelines He promised that He will “bring upon you all the diseases the Egyptians had which you so feared.” And He promised that “those diseases shall stay with you from now on.” And, Moses informs us that He further added this: “The Ever-Living shall also cause every kind of sickness and illness not recorded in this book filled with my reasonings to descend upon you until you are brought down to nothing.” (Deuteronomy 28.60-61)

Today we live in fortunate times, especially if you have a curiosity or wonder or simply need to know what happened in the ancient world, because we have much of that information today — that our ancestors did not have. Due to archeological digs and anthropologists having studied the remains of thousands of bodies in Egypt, we know that the Egyptians were the first people to have cancer, heart disease, arthritis, and diabetes — they were huge swine and crustacean eaters.

Now, look at what is plaguing the Lord’s people from Europe to the Americas and Canada. It happens to be those very same diseases, and they have not always afflicted us as they have the last one-hundred years or so, because at the turn of the 20th Century none of these were even listed on the top ten diseases afflicting Americans.

So, there it is.

Nope! The Lord shall not be mocked.

And from this and many other inquiries and studies that I myself have carried out, I can state with 99% surety that eating swine and crustaceans is the cause of most of humanity’s illnesses.

For Your Health: The Artful Dodger

Note 1: What to do if you are a swine and crustacean eater: First, you must do some serious cleansing. You need a colon parasite cleanse and a blood parasite cleanse. I recommend the colon parasite cleanse carried by Nature’s Sunshine; you can usually find a distributer of their products in the phone book. You will actually need two per person; take one over a seven day period, wait one week, then take the other. This method will assure you of killing the hatchlings that pop out every two weeks.

For the blood parasite cleanse, I recommend a full bottle of Black Walnut Hulls (some are mixed with Wormwood, which is fine). You can find this herb at any health food store or on the Net. Or, you can get fresh walnuts and make your own, according to Hulda Clarke’s formula provided in her many books or on the Net.

Last, you have to stop eating these toxic animals. Understand that the Lord did not create every animal to be eaten — and swine is one of them; and understand that crustaceans are not animals — they are bugs. Would you eat a cockroach? Well, that’s the land equivalent of a lobster. Would you eat a centipede? Well, that’s the equivalent of a shrimp. Would you eat a spider? Think crab.

Surely, you get the point! If not, be sick and don’t wonder why you are, because now you know.

Note 2: If you are a swine and crustacean eater, here’s the pattern of how your illnesses would come about:

1. You’ll have digestive problems very early on, including acid reflux, because the microbes in these beasts block up your system.

2. You’ll have allergies, sore and stiff joints, and/or arthritis and gout, again because the microbes and chemicals you’ve ingested from these beasts are blocking up your systems and joints.

3. You’ll have high blood pressure, because the microbes and chemicals and types of fat in these beasts lead to blocked arteries and poor heart performance.

4. You’ll have blood sugar problems, which will lead to Type 2 Diabetes.

5. You’ll have a much more serious disease next: either cancer or heart disease.

6. You certainly know what’s going to happen next.


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