Mandatory Supplements for Males

From The Artful Dodger.

These amounts and number of products might seem like a lot to take for those of you taking only a few supplements a day (or none at all), but if you will take these and stick to them it will save you loads of suffering in the future. We all must remember Benjamin Franklin’s adage rings truer today than ever before, because no matter what the propaganda the medical industry has put out, we’re sicker today than ever before: “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” And an even wiser one, Solomon, said: “A wise man sees trouble coming, and he protects himself from it.” If you can’t see how sick people are today, then I can’t help you and you should close this email and delete it right now, because there is no help for you! Otherwise, read on.

And even though I can’t pound this into some people’s heads: that staying thin and exercising is not going to keep you healthy! Not only, but mainly because organs such as the heart and lungs and kidneys and prostate and skin and lungs and others can be helped only by certain nutrients. You can be bone thin and run as far as you can everyday, and your heart can be starved for nutrients. And soon, as hundreds of joggers and runners have done, you will get sick and die. But a man sitting at home not exercising and with a belly hanging over his belt, yet feeding his organs with the proper nutrients can easily be healthy and alive.

These doses might take you a total of fifteen minutes per day to take, but they’ll save you years of suffering. The science and studies are there to prove it. Don’t shirk your supplement taking; shirk something else first, such as health insurance or an expensive hobby or entertainment or an expensive vacation that will last only a week or so. For these substances will help carry you into a long and healthy life, which is what you deserve and are supposed to have.

Daily Dosages

200-600 mg of Co-Q-10 (This is the most powerful, the most important, and the most mandatory of all supplements!!)

1000-4000 mg of Magnesium (Mag. regulates the heart, cleanses the arteries of junk, and works with the nervous system to aid you in several ways.)

1-3 Quercetin (#470) (Quercetin is the most powerful anti-inflammatory substance ever discovered; it should take the place in your intake of aspirin, also an anti-inflammatory, but Quercetin does even more for the arteries and the veins; humans are fighting internally inflammation at all times. Quercetin aids in that war.)

8-24 capsules per day of the red Wobenzyms (They are powerful healers and preventers of disease.)

DHEA 25-200 mg
(A better product to order than simply DHEA is Life Extension’s “Complete DHEA”; you receive a spectrum of male required nutrients; the order number for the DHEA Complete is 00850 at Life Extension)

1000-12,000 mg of MSM (MSM keeps the joints cleansed of the acids that make them stiff and make them hurt; it also cleanses the body of other negative substances)

1000-8000 mg of Vitamin C (amount to be taken should rest on the health and genes of the person; the better the health the less you need. The better the health of your parents and grandparents, the less you will need.)

800-1200 IU of the full spectrum of the Vitamin E complex

4-10 capsules of Life Extension’s Complete B Complex (#110) (The older you get, the more you need of this substance)

4-12 Oil-Based Lecithins (#17004) (Pound for pound and price for price lecithin is the cheapest and most powerful supplement there is. It aids the liver, the arteries, the veins, the heart, and the brain. Take it liberally, and remember that the worse your lifestyle is the more you need of this substance. Make sure you’re taking oil-based lecithin, because all the studies have been carried out on oil-based. It’s a lock that it works; you’re gambling with any other form.)

500-1000 mcg (1-2 capsules) of some form of chromium. (According to your size and health and diet and genes as to how much you take; if your blood sugar tends to run high, or you’re a starch or sugar eater, or diabetes runs in your family, then by all means 1000 mcg. per day. I recommend switching between these two forms of chromium: CitriChrome (#223) and UltraChromium (#671) both from Life Extension)

Get at least some garlic into your body everyday; it’s going to help keep down colds, flues, and it helps prevent a whole host of other ailments, including your blood pressure and artery strength. I recommend the High Potency Garlic from Nature’s Sunshine (#292-9) This form is not diluted, yet it still has no smell or after-taste; it does not open until it’s in the intestines, and is coated with a wonderful substance: chlorophyll. One per day in the summer and two-four per day in the winter.

6-12 tablets of some type of mineral complex, according to your size; I recommend the Mineral Maintenance from Nature’s Sunshine (#1672-1) (Remember that studies as far back as the 1930s showed that America’s farming soils were mineral depleted because of being overworked. A study in the 1990s showed that they were even worse today, naturally. Many very smart people think that the shortage of minerals and enzymes [which you can get from the Wobenzyms mentioned above] is the central cause of so much disease in humans.)

1 Vitamin D-3 capsule (#251) (Studies have shown that it is not a shortage of calcium that causes bone loss, as doctors began guessing and thus telling patients about thirty years ago without any studies to show that was what was causing all the bone loss among white people, but it is a shortage of Vitamin D-3. D-3 is also a cancer preventer. It’s cheap and requires only one small capsule per day.)

2-8 Papaya Mints (You can use GNC’s or Nature Sunshine’s. Right now I’m using the Vitamin Shoppes’ because of the combination in them. I think they’re best for me. These are cheap and easy to take. Just chew a few every day. They are excellent aids to your digestive system and also help keep your bowels and arteries clean.)

Mandatory For Your Prostate

This horrible prostate cancer has killed oodles of my friends, men in their late forties to their seventies. I’ve watched them all suffer terribly, and I don’t want any of you having to go through it (myself either!). It’s a terrible thing to get, because it’s painful and it causes a man to be dysfunctional in several ways. To help us prevent that disease, I have studied it quite thoroughly and have thus read hundreds of studies on the subject; and the result is here is what I believe you need to keep your prostate healthy.

25-100 mg of Optizinc from Life Extension (optizinc is 10 times more absorbable than any other type of zinc; every prostate that has been studied after the owner had died with prostate cancer had a shortage [or absence of] of zinc; it is the protector of the prostate from cancer!)

2-4 Saw Palmetto/Nettle Root Combination (#652) (To be alternated with the beta sitosterol below)

2-4 beta sitosterol capsules (13823) (To be alternated with the Saw Palmetto/Nettle Root above. You can take them both together if you so desire, but you should take at least one of the two one month and the next month the other.)

1 capsule per day of Super Miraforte (#00615) (This is a natural testosterone producer; it’s for your brain as well as your reproductory gland health. Your brain has testosterone receptors in it; if you’re not producing any, then you’ll suffer memory loss and your ability to reason and think properly will be restricted.)

1 Super Selenium 600 (578) (This mineral works with synergistically with zinc and Vitamin E; it’s a powerful antioxidant that the prostate needs, as well as does the rest of the body)

The Quercetin, VE, and the Mineral Maintenance are also helpful to the prostate.

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  1. Recommend the High Potency Garlic from Nature’s Sunshine (#292-9) – This form is not diluted, yet it still has no smell or after-taste; it does not open until it’s in the intestines, and is coated with a wonderful substance: chlorophyll. One per day in the summer and two-four per day in the winter.

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