Echinacea Works as Naturalists Claim

FDA condemned herb claiming it did humans absolutely no good, but it actually works quite well according to several scientists who have carried out studies on Echinacea.

This herb is one that I recommend taking every winter, along with Beta Glucan, to help prevent colds and to moderate the ones you do get. It is safe in large doses, if so desired, reasonably priced, and truly helps prevent colds.

Remember though, that researchers have found that the only thing that will kill a cold virus is radiation and a healthy human body that constantly fires antibodies at the virus, and this killing normally takes from seven to fourteen days. Yes, that’s right. No drug has ever come close to killing a cold virus, or a flu virus.

The Artful Dodger

Echinacea Helps You Avoid And Recover From Colds, Say Scientists

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