Oral Sex in Marriage

Yesterday I ended my blog with this: about the importance of oral sex in marriage, I’ll present you a case from the 90s, when a good friend of mine hired me to divorce her from her husband, a good friend of Don’s. I practiced as a divorce lawyer, among others. But in this case I teamed with hubby to save their marriage, which we did.

“Doris, I know he’s cheating on me. Will you divorce me?” This is how my good friend addressed me on a summer afternoon. It was a new case, so new money for me. He had a successful business and, you know, the wife can take half of it. And me a percent of that half. But I was sad. Why dear? Can’t you work it out some way? And we chatted long into the evening.

Turned out that she was too tired to give him sex, considering he is “over sexed” and — shocking! — he asked for oral sex. She won’t do that! Period.

Ouch, I said to myself. How should I tell her that this was my special treat for my hubby. That I was giving it to him all the time. I couldn’t say that, so I shut up.

Intelligence brought in by hubby, from the pub where I sent him on occasions to spend some informative time with his friend (my client’s husband), strengthened my suspicions.

The disgruntled husband was receiving oral sex from his secretary. “Hell, she’s that ugly!” — said Don to me — “Why won’t his cute wife please him?”

I could feel the pain and horror of mankind. No joke. It was clear that our friends loved each other, that the wife was chasing him away by refusing him some socially stigmatized (by women) sexual practice. It was clear that he didn’t like the secretary but couldn’t stand to refuse her servicing. And all that crap you heard so many times. Nothing new here.

I had to open the case because my client paid me to do that. But I made her clear that I wanted her to fight for her marriage, for the children, I said. And this is how I caught her attention, her interest in saving her marriage.

Should I tell her that I give head wasn’t a professional move. But I told hubby to work on his hidden front, to make his friend more romantic, to show him examples of divorced men who could hardly recover after slipping on the slopes of casual sex for the sake of the act and not for the love of the partner.

The trial slowly dragged and ended with a withdrawal of my friend’s divorce request. She decided to forgive him and to try again, for the kids. It’s fifteen years or more ever since. They’re still together. Their children are well in college. No divorce trauma on them, I suppose they know nothing about this event.

And my hubby thinks that she finally decided to give him some head, what the heck!

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