Our Sex Marathon Is Over

Doris wrote that we had a week-long kids-free, home alone time to share and enjoy together. Well, the “week” began Sunday right before noon and ended yesterday right after noon. So I’ll be more precise and tell you that we had a 72 hours (+/-) long sex marathon.

Yeah, yeah, bragging again. I get a pinch on my shoulder. Why do I ruin romance with digits and precision? Why can’t I agree with her that this was our Second Honeymoon? Why do I say sex marathon? Because we didn’t stay coupled like trains all the time. But, darling, didn’t you say that posing nude, or holding hands, or cuddling, or simply being together, us two, is all like sex to you?

This is why I dare call it a sex marathon, because it was very sexy, all these 72 hours (yes!) to strip off from clothes and chores and current problems. To forget and escape a bit, before life caught us back in her daily whirl.

One thing that I indulged, among many others, during this sex marathon was to adorn screen #2 of my laptop with this background.

Nude laid bunny kisses, landscape painter.

It is a landscape painting effect applied to one of the many pics I took this Monday morning. Called it “Nude laid bunny kisses.” She was getting in the mood.

A little comfort to wash my eyes (after our fantastic photo shooting and erotic movie) while debugging this or that. Right, Doris had no kids around these days but, like a bee, she took several hours off the marathon, to clean their rooms upstairs. Same with me, had to fix some urgent projects, that couldn’t wait. The nice part of telecommuting is that I can take my laptop in the garden and sunbathe at the “workplace.” Just avoid water, that’s really important.

Tuesday night I told to myself that I have to change the wallpaper on screen #2 before kids will start returning home from their vacations. And I wanted to spice it up, keep the sexy looks but make them transparent for the kids, or for any stranger that might stare at my laptop from time to time. And I dug hard through the KDE community, to find this.

The rain and the Porsche

The butts of a Porsche. Ain’t that sexy? Click here to get the full size wallpaper from KDE.

There are bunches of women’s butts out there in the KDE community, freely available. Actually, you’ll find sexy nudes wallpapers all over the net, no surprise about that. But when it turns to nudes of women, then I prefer staring at my Doris nude, above all others. Yes, a look and a compliment here and there for the magnificent curvatures of the ladies. Still no other one will qualify to adorn my screen as a wallpaper. That place is a Doris exclusive, like my heart. As about the Porsche butts, they’re all the same. More or less.

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