Sex in Two, or Solo…

This is Part 3 of “Let’s Call It Erotica, Shall We?

I had my tiring moments with my man too. He never stopped from asking for sex, more sex, always more sex. Until I told him that it makes me feel tired, that I’d like to have it again after a little break. I wasn’t complaining, nor lecturing him from the list of highly moral excuses from a lady’s purse. Not a good idea to sound like his mother. So I chose to look unhappy and waited for him to wonder why.

In a matter of minutes he asked, we talked and we agreed that we’ll never plan sex in two and that anyone of us can have his (hers?) share of solo sex if [s]he so desired.

Go figure, the he/she is the theory in our talking. Because I get satisfied beyond my desires (erotica?) during our sex in two. But, once in an often while, he needs more. And then I take care to cuddle on his shoulder while he jacks off watching some exciting erotica. This isn’t porn because I posed with all my love for my only consumer…

The thrilling twist came when he decided to post some of my erotica on this blog. “Why would you allow for others to watch these pictures of me naked? What if they’d jack at them like you do?” I was really disturbed when raising these questions to him. Here are his arguments.

1. “Ever since you hit 40, you complain that you’re not a looker anymore; that I’m blinded when complimenting you. So there you are, let others peep at you; if they’re blind, like me, then it’s an objective blindness you induce.”

2. “Even with the dangers of a world that’s not civilized enough, the net imposes a distance which physically seclude us. I love you, why hide you?”

3. “Every man knows (as you certainly do) that the random image of a wife is bit scary. There is a reason for the jokes with kitchen dragons. Female names are given to the hurricanes because they come all wet and warm and depart in havoc taking away your house and car. Wives are feared among mankind, ya know? So let me present a different genre of wife: YOU, my lovely wife!”

See? I couldn’t resist. But once in a while it hits me back. “What if my nude pictures served by Google become staring material for some wanker out there?”

“Without knowing him, without meeting him, with definitely no touching, no hearing, no nothing, you bring him some remote relief…” Answered Don and continued “…because he’s so lonely that he has to cool himself on Google. That’s very sad for a man — believe me — to be captured alone in his body, struggling with his spirit.”

Then I locked my prudish parts in a drawer and thought a bit upwards on the social grand scale. What if each wife would treat her man well enough so that he won’t feel lonely anymore?

This morning I parted my hair in a pair of twin ponytails. When he woke up he was bewildered at my new looks. “Schoolgirl, eh?” Rightly so. “School begins and we’re gonna be home alone, AGAIN!” I teased him with a kiss and headed for the chores of the day with a smile…

Sweet looking naked bunny - power toning.

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