Two Sexy Happy Android Wallpapers

Here’s how I started to write this blog yesterday afternoon.

It’s 48 hours now (was then) since we had sex. Doris was too busy to take care of me. But what am I talking? I had no time to take care of me either! It’s insane, have to admit that.

The first day of school buzz is to blame, for sure. Then, not to blame just to mention, was the announced visit of a friend with his family. The physical load of such short (and expected) transitory events has the power to derail our lifestyle. Imagine that there are people supposed to be “nagged” by hectic jobs day in and day out. To run and smile and pretend that they give a damn. Only for the sake of that job. For the money. Isn’t that like dressed up porn? Because people are paid to do what they don’t really like to do and, beyond this, they have to smile and pretend how in-love they are with what they do at the job. How many of you think that your job is all about moving a pile of crap from one place to another? How many people are truly passionate about their jobs?

Well, when young, Doris and I were indeed passionate with our jobs. But the system worn us out of the good and genuine feeling of “changing the world.” By the time you hit 30, the events and experience left behind are strong indicators that most part of the real business relies especially on pretense and less on passion. The few people combining the two are rare exceptions. And, believe me, I’ve talked with former colleagues who spent the other decade in their own sector of the mainstream business. They climbed up to fat and satisfying digits but still have to touch base with their dreams… inside the field of the job.

Another good friend of ours just informed us, yesterday, that she quit the trade so that she can live out her dreams in a less mainstream manner. And Doris tells me about her friend’s courage, “at least we quit in our thirties, not in our forties.” Yes, the gal has guts and I wish her to succeed.

To quit is something, to retire is something else…

And there I stopped writing yesterday. Kids came downstairs and we watched together Shrek 4 — an inspiring cartoon, for grown-ups as well. Afterwards, kids went back upstairs to sleep and dream how they’re gonna change the world.

Doris finished her one hour-long evening bath and came down, locked the door. So I came down on her. And we had the most amazing and extraordinary sex session of the week. Yeah!

Summer of 2009.

Summer of 2009.

Sex has the power to reset our romance-wired neurons. So we joyfully returned to our dream worlds: Doris to her garden with ponies, sorry… peonies… and other different plants; and me to my apps.

Playing again with my laptop at my freelancer dream job. That’s yet another good incentive to serve a couple of Android wallpapers. Of course, featuring my naked cougar bunny!


Summer of 2009.

Summer of 2009.

Side note. See how different you see the world after a good loving and romantic sex session that turns on your mood. There’s always an empty half in the glass. It’s up to you how to reach to the full and tasty half below.

Tech note. The Android wallpapers work best for Nexus One, at a resolution of 960x800px.  There are three side-by-side screens on the droids, the butts should stay on the main and middle screen.

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