Droid Cougar Bunny Goes Back to School

The wallpaper mania hit, again, at my Don. He tells me that time before he did wallpapers for desktops and laptops. However, for a few years now, smart phones can handle wallpaper images as screen backgrounds. He took me to this Android talk web hub to show me yet another bunch of sexy babes and Stargate themed wallpapers. Yes, sure, what’s the difference? Same young chicks, topless, with or without a string, posing to please the young boy looking for girls. I stop and think (sometimes), how straight forward, how simple and predictable men are.

“But hey,” yells Don at me, “can’t you see that these are designed for different devices, look at the screen resolutions, they vary by large.” Huh? Well, I didn’t figure much, if at all, about pixels and resolutions. Why should I care? “Because you’ll want your buttocks to show right in the middle of the screen and not to be edged off or something.” Aha! Makes sense. He’s always right. Actually not always, only when our talk is touching on tech matters.

My butt on smart phones and tablets. “It is like the logical succession of events,” he likes to borrow this phrase that I taught him long ago. So where’s the logic then?

First of, as his wife, my Prime Directive (to take a phrase I heard in his TV soaps) is to please him.

Second, I have to feel good myself while pleasing him. Because otherwise he’s gonna notice and (yes) his joy won’t be the same. Ergo, my inner happiness is the engine that starts all this quid pro quo lovely marriage tandem. What an amazing great deal of power planted the Lord in Eve before He gave her to Adam!

But this morning I wanted my day off. “Resistance is futile!” Indeed, because the Borg (pardon, the Hubby) asked for some photo shooting. Indoor and outdoor. Sensing my (not in the) mood, he didn’t ask for sex. So I hasted him to a quickie anyway, to drain his physical pressures, and then (in the works) I realized that…

About forty years ago, I wore this blue little apron for the first time in my life. It was an important part of a mandatory school uniform. I can’t remember what happened to my white headband and my shirt. Doesn’t matter.

I told myself that wearing the schoolgirl apron once again, after all these years, will make me feel good and happy. Which, according to the logic succession of events, will please my hubby. The rest is a Droid matter, to quote him.

Above is the clear camera shoot, no effects, iPhone wallpaper at 640x960px.

Above the same shot with a make wonderful FX-Foundry effect applied on it.

Above the vintage film effect.

All images, short of the first one, are iPhone versions (640px wide and 960px tall) wallpapers with me playing in our today’s fantasy, “Cougar bunny goes back to school.” Why Don calls me a cougar bunny now?

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