A Good Sex Life Starts in a Gal’s 20s

Well, I’m not gonna be judgmental on this topic. I know about the trend going the other way around. I don’t blame any gal who started her sex life in her teens. This is what happened to her, willy-nilly. And time isn’t going backwards to help her out. Some gals would find a moment of silence and retrospect to ask themselves how happy are they now, after years, with the day, or night, when they gave away their maidenhood. Being sorry for what you did in the past is not exactly the best recipe for your current sexual mood. So don’t be sorry! Look at the future. Maybe there’s something that you can fix, given your accumulated decades of sex life and experience.

Although I have nothing to fix, because I began my sex life in my early twenties and I’m sleeping with the same man ever since, it’s my daughters who give me personal concerns. There’s a saying, for parents, that a boy would mess up your house and a girl will mess up your mind. True.

My #1 daughter, in her first year of college, came home with yet another commercial pack they systematically throw at young students. Along with the never missing bank credits offer, with a half-dozen of women’s magazines with cute baits inside, with that WIN A MINI colorful carton, my daughter brought home a condom. Unused, of course. Nicely packed in mauve envelopes and soft leaflets about how to protect herself.

“Darn!” This was Don’s initial rant, and he continued: “They treat our children like cattle. We sent her to college to learn philology not about Woodstock-type orgies.”

Well, my Don is an old fashion man, even if he enjoys the hobby of posting wallpapers with me naked on the net. We’re both thankful that our daughter hit her twenties and is still a maiden. Wish she finds romance first and sex will naturally follow. The way it happened to her mom. The way many gals dream. You know, the Prince Charming blah.

We told her that she is invaluable, because of many blessings, that go beyond us, but also because she’s focused on learning instead of partying. That the system throwing condoms at youth is only geared to follow the promiscuous trend. She can’t change the system but she may notice that this is not a value-based system, if giving away condoms is the norm when one enters college.

To other mothers, concerned about what their daughters might do, or avoid doing, in their college years: keep a close and warm friendship with your daughter! Ignore the cultural generational gaps. This is yet another setup way of breaking families apart.

Yes, I admit, I’m not exactly a fan of Bushido and rap music, but I like Unheilig and I can stand Rammstein, for instance. Well, that was tough to write, actually I make huge efforts with Rammstein (even if they are closer to my age). But what else, if my kids swim in this culture, I feel that I must be around. Just in case, to the rescue.

Below follows an iPhone sexy wallpaper that Don asked me to publish under this so parental friendly blog of mine. Ho-hum…

Smiling cougar bunny nude in front of the mirror.

Smiling nude cougar bunny in front of the mirror – 640×960 pixels iPhone wallpaper.

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