The Vitamin That Can Prevent as Many as Sixteen Types of Cancer

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Obviously you won’t hear about the power of vitamin D to protect humans from cancer from the major media. In fact, a couple of weeks ago they reported a small study that contradicted hundreds of others. Which said that vitamin D has negative results in humans. Sheer nonsense. The so-called study has been roundly rebuked by those who have been involved in other studies that showed numerous positive results from vitamin D supplementation. So much for the Marxist media loving the people.

Some 600,000 cases of breast and colorectal cancers could be prevented each year if vitamin D levels among populations worldwide were increased, according to previous research by Dr. Garland and colleagues. And that’s just counting the death toll for two types of cancer.

Optimizing your vitamin D levels could help you to prevent at least 16 different types of cancer including pancreatic, lung, ovarian, prostate, and skin cancers.

A large-scale, randomized, placebo-controlled study on vitamin D and cancer showed that vitamin D can cut overall cancer risk by as much as 60 percent. This was such groundbreaking news that the Canadian Cancer Society has actually begun endorsing the vitamin as a cancer-prevention therapy.

Light-skinned women who had high amounts of long-term sun exposure had half the risk of developing advanced breast cancer (cancer that spreads beyond your breast) as women with lower amounts of regular sun exposure, according to a study in the American Journal of Epidemiology.

A study by Dr. William Grant, Ph.D., internationally recognized research scientist and vitamin D expert, found that about 30 percent of cancer deaths — which amounts to 2 million worldwide and 200,000 in the United States — could be prevented each year with higher levels of vitamin D.

The form of vitamin D humans should take for cancer prevention and to aid the
strength of their bones is D3.

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