#100 Natural Decent Nudity

Here I am writing the 100th blog for mydangspace.com! Almost one year after Don gave me this site to host my musings (and his rants) about a wife’s life at menopause, about happiness in marriage, about the key sex factor for long-lasting couple relationships, and about love. Because without love we wouldn’t be here.

Love is like a flower. You’ll have to nurture it every day, and night, with all your soul, to live for loving and not to just wait and see if love comes your way. After you put out all your love, you’ll be amazed to see (and feel) how much more love returns to wrap and warm your spirit. Don is a blessing to me, the best thing that happened to me, but I don’t tell him this (very often). Why not? Because I also like being cuddled, and he enjoys it at least as much as I do. So I allow him to cuddle me with his loving words, to tell me that I’m a God-given present for him, a blessing (like I said before) and to massage me and to take care of me. And, finally, yes, to play with me the way boys like to play with gals. This is the second place where we connect. The first upper place is our minds and hearts. And the lower one is our bodies and sex life.

What a boring blog! The ramblings of a cuddled housewife about happiness and healthy food and staying fit and gardening. All non interesting “pink” common places. No suspense, no drama, no plot. No nothing? Perhaps people are taught that drama and suspense and plots are everything. This is, at least, the mantra promoted by TV reality shows.

The “reality” shows featuring young people with no discernible talents whatsoever has also led to a distorted and unhealthy view of fame. The GSRI study asked girls 11 to 17 if they expect to be famous. One in 4 think so.

So how does one achieve this fame? Here’s where the damage from the “reality show” is documented. Two very different worldviews emerged when the sample was divided into regular viewers of reality TV and non-viewers. On the statement: “You have to lie to get what you want,” 37 percent of regular viewers of reality TV shows agreed versus 24 percent of non-viewers. On “Being mean earns you more respect than being nice,” 37 percent of viewers agreed versus a fourth of non-viewers. On the notion, “You have to be mean to others to get what you want,” 28 percent of reality viewers agreed, compared to 18 percent of non-viewers.

This is what networks like MTV are achieving. Regular viewers of reality TV accept and expect a higher level of drama, aggression and bullying in their own lives. The study found that 78 percent of regular viewers agreed that “gossiping is a normal part of a relationship between girls,” compared with 54 percent of non-viewers. Sixty-eight percent agreed that “it’s in girls’ nature to be catty and competitive with one another,” while only 50 percent of non-viewers thought so.


Source: townhall.com ‘Reality Shows’ Distort the Real World


Sadly this is the accepted Titanic course our society wants to follow. At least this is what mainstream media promotes. And yes, a happy midlife housewife won’t find a place in such a mean, and meaningless, scenario.

I’m not looking for fame because when young I tasted the local fame cake and found it sweet on the tongue but quite bitter down in the belly. I’m not looking for drama because I lived with my in-laws (long time ago). I’m not looking for suspense because my four kids bring it home every day (a way or another). I hate being mean, or facing someone being mean to me. Lies and gossip live in darkness, so I love walking in the light, speaking out whatever hits my wondering mind, asking and looking to understand others (people are not equal, nor perfect).

iphone wallpaper 640x960 nude cougar bunny  sniffs rose petals sketch landscape painter

The best manner to walk away from your hide is walking nude, said Don to me. Sure, it scared me at first. My prudish nature, and education, told me that nudity is a very intimate matter, to be kept only between me and my hubby. This is a sane advice if you’re about to walk the streets roamed by tattooed and pierced brutes, by animalistic grabbers, lustful degenerates or uneducated youth. This is also true if you’re about to go to work, 9 to 5, inside the standard corporate box of sorts. This is how we teach our kids to make them understand the social evils and laugh at the media nonsense.

But when it turns to the initial, untainted, society, the Garden of Eden, that was an all nude public view. No sins, no enormities, no lies and no dangers out there to hide your skin from.

I had to take my time (years, mind you) to get it right in my head, to accept outdoor nudity. And eventually I said that, if you have nothing to fear and nothing to hide, then textiles are nothing more than a winter time accessory (protecting us from cold, rain and other unfriendly elements of nature).

Pursuing a naturist lifestyle is an excellent stress killer, so far you don’t fall on the other side of the coin, starting to promote and advocate the “nudist cause” (and getting stressed for whatever out of reach nonsense).

But hey, lady, what are you doing with this blog? Don’t you write to advocate nudity as part of a healthy sex life in marriage?

No dear. I’m just musing uninteresting, non dramatic, boring ramblings about my happy days together with my loving husband. Part of our sex life is nude photo shooting, so there you are, watch nudes of me on this blog. Another part is shooting some home porn while we make love to each other. It’s bit like in those brutal ‘reality shows’ but without the scripted (imposed, unnatural) element, without mindless quarrels, no promiscuous intercourse and, sure, no barbarian tattoos. Tout au naturel — all natural (exclusively when we’re home alone the two of us), loving and living in our birthday suits. More or less, would grin Don throwing a red garter with a pair of stockings at me.

Sex means many things to us. When we hold hands, I say that we have sex, a mild cuddling form of sex… It’s about touching each other. Touching our fingers, our chins, our lips, our toes, our chests, our legs, our hips, then immersing his physical love into mine. For when he’s solo touching, I left pictures (and movies) with me on his laptop. This in the case I’m not in the mood (or too tired, too busy, whatever the excuse) to strip for him. Years ago I stripped less and excused myself more. Now I strip more and more for him because I like stripping more (no excuse! I admit…). I like to watch what my dancing enacts in his body. Stripping is sort of remote-controlled sex, more for him and less for me.

Today, early in the morning, I asked Don to cuddle me, with a fine massage on my back and the warmth of his body hugging me for five minutes before I start the day. He offered a lick (which I refused, too noisy and too long for me to come) and a pussy massage (which I accepted and found awesome). This was more sex for me and less for him. However we’re both giving what we know that the other loves to receive. Sort of unconditional loving.

iphone wallpaper 640x960 nude cougar bunny smiles at the gate - sketch landscape painter

The two images above are manipulated with the landscape painter FX-Foundry effect, sized at 640×960 pixels, so that they work best as nice nude sketches — wallpapers for the iPhone.

This is my 100th blog on mydangspace.com and I want to thank you for reading and often visiting and to share with you why on earth I’m posing nude on the internet and writing uninteresting and boring blogs about common things that a housewife loves to do. I think that’s part of our nude garden normality. No drama! Just love.

romantic sex and healthy marriage


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