The Lost Sense of Courtship

What a busy week! Too much work — seems that I gotta blog (daily! I’ve been told) on different subjects, on different sites. Too much cooking — yes, you know, told you already, gotta feed all natural and fresh meals to the tribe! Too intense the gardening preparations before the feared frost will regularly sneak by night. Too steep my learning curve with the new (old and refurbished) ThinkPad that I got from Don. He says that I’ll become “more productive” if writing on a ThinkPad. Time will tell…

Let’s talk about courtship and emancipation. Some say that sex has nothing to do with love. Others mistake frugal sexual contacts with love. Schools and society teach young girls to act promiscuous. How many gals are waiting to be courted? Have you measured the ever shortening time interval from the first flirt to the first kiss and then to bed?

I knew my man at the first glance. Nonetheless, I saved the first moves for him. Then the next moves as well. Why bother if he comes after you? If he goes where you go? If he follows you?

This soft, and gentle, strength of character should be common sense to young gals today. Unfortunately, recent studies say otherwise.

“The early 1990s (…) witnessed the dawn of the ‘hookup culture’ at universities, as colleges stopped acting in loco parentis (actually they relinquished that role in the 1970s) and undergraduates . . . started throwing themselves into a frenzy of one-night-stands.” Some young women, she notes, felt “forced into a promiscuity they didn’t ask for,” whereas young men “couldn’t be happier.”

According to economist Robert H. Frank, “when available women significantly outnumber men . . . courtship behavior changes in the direction of what men want.” And vice versa. If there’s a shortage of women, the females have more power to demand what they want, which tends to be (surprise!) monogamy. On college campuses, women outnumber men by 57 to 43 percent.

Source: Blame the Sexual Revolution, Not Men


Not that the early 1980s were clean of promiscuity. Digits are just that, statistics on the wall. They won’t stop a thorough minded and beautiful young woman from charming her chosen one into a splendid courtship game, like in the old romantic times. But digits also inform us that this type of classical courtship is on its way out because fewer and fewer young ladies will make their call for it.

College is perfect for courtship and for patiently connecting with your future prince. Mark my words, the “prince charming” image erodes with years. Same the overestimated feminist silhouette walking on the “meat market” — to use the blunt prince-talk. Problem is that one-night-stands, frugal sex, group sex, won’t land you into a romantic relationship.

No romance = no marriage! Why bother? And you’ll miss the train, finding yourself single in your late 30s. Too bad.


The Gymnastics of Love

In my late 40s I’m so happy that I can’t tell. In spite of all the busy days, and sometimes nights. Can I thank my career for that? Or my money? Or some leftist ideology (these were so dreadfully mandatory when I was in college!)? I don’t think so. It is our steady and cultivated love that makes me happy. A loving and caring hubby makes you happy like nothing else!

home cougar bunny in red body suit smiling in winter garden

Making me feel good is one of Don’s top priorities. Why not the single one? Because he also deals with some jobs and then the education of our kids is mainly our top priority. But priorities are just that, projects, plans and due dates not to pass.

At the start of this busy week, Don asked me for a new photo shooting. Indoor this time, because it is way too cold outside. I moved some of my beloved flowers to the winter garden. He wanted me to strip nude but I said not this time, not again. So I kept my red body suit tight on me. Think I feel more comfy this way. Until next time when he’s gonna invent a new excuse to undress me and catch me nude in front of his Canon.

domestic cougar bunny in red body suit in wintergarten

Note for the feminist militants. You say that:

Before the Women’s Movement, a married woman could not get a credit card in her own name. (…) Women went shopping downtown wearing hats with veils, high heels, stockings, and gloves even when the temperature was 95F. Do you folks seriously want to return to those days? Check with us women who are old enough to have lived through them.”

Well, I’m not that old (sorry) but old enough to remember how my mom had to wear all the aforementioned fashion code. So here’s an excellent achievement of the Women’s Movement: we can dress, or undress, the way we want. We can keep stockings, garters and high heels whenever we want. Don helped me with a debit card — why use credit? — on my own name!

And when there’s a loving husband to cheer us with his camera then we know that our beauty and youthfulness go beyond age.

Be yourself — a charming domestic cougar bunny for your beloved old “prince.”

home cougar bunny showing booty in red body suit

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