FAQ: Love and Attraction, Sex and Fantasy

Q. Are there benefits for changing men for sex?

A. Depends on the performance of your previous sex partner. In my case, I don’t understand having sex without falling in love first. Modern mantras dissociate sex from love. Not sure about the benefits of this mindless (and loveless) libertinage. Love blends romance and cuddling and sex with the more serious aspects of our lives, such as commitment and trust and loyalty. Love whispers you that there’s no reason to hate yourself, or what you’re doing, and no reason to feel sorry about things you didn’t want to do. If you can be happy together with the man you love, and if you manage to stay like that for your entire life, then you are (1) gifted with a blessing (beyond your understanding) and you are (2) versed in accepting even the numerous less glamorous moments of your life as a couple (fully in your power to understand).

Notice that love is not just feeling and attraction and sex. Love is, above all, mutual understanding and a deep desire to solve the equation of life together with someone.

Q. Can you imagine having sex with only one partner for your entire life?

A. Yes, I can. And I did, so far…

Q. Did you ever fantasized of a threesome?

A. Nope, never! I find it disgusting: my body being touched by a stranger. However, when Don had me watch girl on girl videos, I think I had a moment or two of fantasizing. But that’s more than enough!

In real life, not in fantasy, I have found my loved one and he’s not to share with anyone. Plus, fantasies are just luring lies, bitter booby traps. You don’t want to go there (where your mind wanders) but you may realize this ONLY AFTER you bite the cake. Then you’ll sense its sad and bitter taste.

Q. Why bitter?

A. Even if it seems sweet and cool and “OMG” while you’re at it, shortly after the hormonal fluids would dry, you’re gonna feel a desert field across your soul. You just gave your body to someone for a play, but your soul had no connection with the other person. It’s just sex, as they truly say. Sex without love is like an ocean without water, like a sunrise without breeze, a bitter-sweet betrayal to yourself.

Q. What if you’re single and your body fluids start their regular rebellion?

A. Best is to masturbate so you may release the inner biological pressures. And even better is to keep hunting for your prince charming. Because you’re not complete until you find him and surrender yourself to his lasting love.

Q. That works when you’re young. How about midlife hunters, the cougars?

A. There’s no age bracket for a single lady to find her soul mate. Keep searching! It’s no malady worse than a lonely soul. Don’t give up to loneliness!

Q. Some, very few indeed, chose to live a lonely life though…

A. They worked out hard to prepare themselves for this vow. They are called nuns and they live a secluded life, in monasteries, far away from the stupid modern world, from its daily temptations. Plus they are not alone, because they married Jesus. See? As a lady, you gotta have a prince, or a King, be it with small caps or with Capitals.

No one can be lonely and happy at the same time!



cougar about sex, fantasies, love and marriage

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