Oral Sex, The Safest Natural Birth Control Method

The birth control pill is a very bad idea. I knew that, not sure how or why, and thus I was never on the pill. Quite amazing to see that everyone used to be on the pill during the 1990s and (most likely) many, or most, are still on the pill today. Yesterday I learned about some additional (and so terrible) side effects of the birth control pill.

What I did not know, before yesterday, is that the birth control pill kills your libido. Ladies who were on the pill are talking about moody, or even crazy, phases when they had no sex drive and turned argumentative against their hubbies. And even more shocking news make the pill the suspected cause for strokes in women as young as 19, or in their twenties.

What I did know about the bad side effects of the pill is that it makes you fat, it augments the risks for breast cancer, it helps you give birth to babies with deformities, it will give you trouble during the peri-menopause years.

Now, to sum it up, a woman on the pill has more chances to be fatter, moodier, angrier, chronically ill, to suffer a stroke or have malformed babies and a more problematic passage to menopause.

All these are the so-called “side effects.” But what’s the central effect? It’s written on the box: birth control, prevents pregnancies. And this is debatable as well, because some studies have concluded that the pill does not stop the sperm from fecundating your egg but it prevents the fresh embryo from nesting in your womb. There is a strong word for that: abortion.

This said, I really can’t find a beneficial effect for this pill: it kills your unborn babies or it may turn them into mutants, and it ravages your hormonal health, affecting you psychologically and physiologically.

Now let’s talk about effective and healthy natural birth control methods. Before reading further down about my pornographic and quite descriptive options, please take your time to read this more academic and pertinent post about alternative birth control methods, written by Sheila Wray Gregoire: Wifey Wednesday: Which Birth Control Method is Best?.

We practiced the pull-out method for several months, before I remained pregnant (again) with our beloved twins. I may say that it didn’t work for me. Still, I don’t blame the method but rather some particular conditions regarding my over sexed hubby. Some wives describe sex as “an activity that only happens a certain number of times in the year.”

Oh my, oh my, that’s disarming! For others, sex in marriage is an almost daily routine. Under these intense conditions, intercourse with pull-out just in time won’t work too well because one may have sex in the evening, then in the morning, then the afternoon and again next night. It’s crazy!

Wondering why I’m allowing his “little head down there” to run our marriage. Well, a pertinent answer would be that — because I never was on the pill — I have no ground to hold a biased perspective against hubby’s requests. I don’t see him through the “pervert” painted lenses of feminism and our “emancipation” from sexually serving our men. I find that it is natural and desirable to please your man, especially when he’s so much in love with you and has no intention of sharing “his little one” with other women — another trendy sport of the day…

We both love to think out of the box!

The Basal Body Temperature Method truly helped me for several years, after birthing the twins. But with four kids and a hungry hubby it’s hard to keep the required discipline. Moreover we were both haunted by suspicion: what if I incidentally got pregnant once again? This insecurity considerably increased our stress factor. I have to admit that we developed a low confidence in any birth control method that allowed intra vaginal ejaculation.

The condom? Don’t even mention that to hubby! It’s “suffocating.” Suppose he’s treating the lower head with a too high esteem. But if he so considers it is my call to sheepishly follow.

He suggested we return to the regular oral sex “we enjoyed so much” during our twenties. Well, he enjoyed it more than me. I can tell that my part of joy rather came along with his relaxation and also with him coming down on me as a premium.

Oral sex proved to be the best and safest birth control method in our marriage.

Before entering menopause, and after my last birth, I seldom recall having vaginal intercourse other than with his tongue and fingers. Can I say that I turned into a “lesbian” living with my man? Like in that silly joke he often tells me when we go for a stroll downtown.

She: “Honey, I’m afraid I’m a lesbian.”

He: “How’s that, da’hling?”

She: “I turn my head after pretty women on the walkway.”

He: “Ah, yeah? Never mind, then we’re both lesbians.”

Queer humor aside, we’re straight enough to hold to our exclusivity in marriage. Frank Fantasy Talk (FFT?) is a fine method of spitting out the serpents randomly nesting in one’s subconscious (which is also known as “the soul”). This open intimacy strengthens our love at least as much as the physical pleasing of each other.

In conclusion, giving head was not just a perfect birth control method but also a way for me to swallow healthy doses of dietary supplements.

Couple years ago, my doc declared me officially in menopause. No more need for birth control methods. Hurrah! And here comes the BIG question: how shall I make him come in me again?

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oral sex is the best safest birth control method

birth control methods, oral sex, swallowing a blackberry

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