1. Striptease in Marriage – Wife’s Version

Sometimes we sigh after what we had or would like to have. No matter if we need it or not. No matter if it’s beneficial or not. We need to buy it, to own it, to posses and rejoice. Thus we go shopping!

Men don’t like going shopping. They hunt or play silly games, or drive crazy two-wheeler iron things up to murderous speeds. Like us (shopping-going women), men simply desire to have, to posses, to get and feel “something.” But the “first thing” men want to have and to admire is us: their ladies.

Feminists have struggled, for over a century, to emancipate us from the possessive desire of men.

Fighting to part men from alcohol is a noble cause. Scaring them away from horrible traffic accidents, caused by over speeding, is saving lives. Curing them from the gambling malady is the right path to avoid ruin. All these good deeds that we are called to do for our men have one essential point in common: we ought to quit the feminist idea of emancipation from the possessive nature of man. Because this goes against the laws of nature and against God. As companions and friends, we are to please our men.

A loving man will develop a certain possessive feeling over you. It works the same way as your jealous instinctive anger juices when you see him looking after other women or going to the cat house, or to the strip bar. You want (need) an exclusivity on him. He wants to have, to posses, YOU! It’s part of your love connection. Sure, educated men and women won’t confuse possession with unmannerly gestures.

Love can’t live by force. He’s lending you exclusivity and you have to lease him your body in order to fulfill his manly fantasies. As old as history, striptease or erotic dancing, comes top of the list on men’s desires. A good wife is the best stripper for her hubby!

cougar bunny in dessous strips in wintergarten - old photo effect

I don’t know how other men are, but mine wants me all the time. He wants to see me, to hear me, even to listen at what I’m telling him — could be my voice, because he often asks me to “say that again.” 😉

His main hobby is to photograph me, dressed or nude.

This morning, he proposed me to write a blog about striptease in marriage. Yet another one? I asked. “Yes,” he answered, “what’s the problem?” Well dear, I did the posing you do the writing, agree?

This is how we share the striptease matter. Stay tuned for part two of this post: Striptease in Marriage – Hubby’s View (with a comic strip of pictures).


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