2. Striptease in Marriage – Hubby’s Version

Doris asked me to share the subject of striptease in marriage by writing something on it. Fair enough, so far she’s happy to pose, I’ll oblige to comment under the photos. She remains my exclusive stripper and my preferred writer.

cougar bunny posing in dessous, in wintergarden

Look at the picture above. Had her try several sets of dessous. She then realized that what she has bought in her 30s are about double her size now. Yupp, the Godzilla times of pregnancy with their sizable side effects. Finally, this black top and thong fit her current measures. She looks melancholic, maybe thinking at the big fat times left behind.

But I threw some jokes in, to cheer her up:

cougar bunny posing, in dessous, wide opening her legs, smiles at the camera

Look how she’s stretching the skin in front of my amateur camera.

droid wallpaper, cougar bunny posing in wintergarden, black dessous, wide opening her legs

phone wallpaper, cougar bunny strips wide open, teasing finger

Yes, my bunny has now warmed up and steeply turns into a cougar. She side slips the string with her finger. The view of her sweet shy clit teases me for a couple of seconds. Good that I pressed the button just in time to capture her move inside the image box.

droid wallpaper, cougar bunny strips, panties off, in wintergarden

Mwwhuuaaa, panties go off! She protested against publishing this image. But I told her: look, you show nothing yet your gesture tells everything. This the idea of an excellent striptease. She laughed… until…

phone wallpaper, cougar bunny posing nude, showing pussy, wintergarden, censored

…Until I showed her this picture. Oh nooo!!!

She won’t let me publish her pussy.

Good, I knew that, that’s why I already cropped the image just to the edge of her pubic hair, also known as the landing strip.

But no, no and NO!

She ain’t letting me show that tiny half top centimeter of pubic hair, no way!

Very well then. Because the picture has to be 640×480 pixels (to fit the older Droid phone screens as a wallpaper) I added a red bottom strip to her climaxing striptease comic strip (hah, I’m overusing this “strip” keyword, will the googlebot sniff that?). And the message reads: “what goes below this line is censored by Doris’ decree.” A decree is no democracy. Still, I don’t mind her tiny bits of “tyranny,” especially when it’s about publishing photos with open private parts on display. Actually, she’s right: less is more and the “hole-man” in me should always listen to the voice of reason.

droid wallpaper, cougar bunny posing nude, wide open, biting finger

Yep, under the same decree like the previous image. But let’s get back to passion. Look at her way of totally teasing me: confidently opening her warm, soft and wet pussy to the camera, she stretches one leg over the bench and blows my mind out when biting her finger — yes, you know what she means

phone wallpaper, cougar bunny posing nude, talking to her flowers, in wintergarten

And here she reverts to her primary hobby: talking to beautiful flowers. Every year she shelters them in our winter garden, not to freeze in the frosty backyard.

The pictures are enhanced, color fixed and filtered with FX-Foundry because good lighting and a quality camera came in shortage by early December 2008, when the photo shooting took place. So this is less about photographic art and much more about getting your wife in the mood for a nude photo shoot, watching her warm up as a shy bunny and become a daring sensual and expressive cougar, showing no fear in front of the camera.

droid wallpaper, cougar bunny posing nude, biting finger, no panties, winter garden

Yes, right, you’re biting that finger again. Time for me to shut off the camera and take you to bed… to bite some more.

And, like the many other precious things we share, our love in marriage remains priceless.


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