FAQ: Mechanics of Marriage

Muscles, Bones and Brains

Q. What if your beloved partner turns impotent over time?

A. In many cases, impotence occurs as a consequence of a psychological barrier, so keep your man happy and connected. Don’t show him how much you want to be in control but rather look submissive — because this makes him feel more confident and you look more desirable.

In the case of physiological conditions, like degenerative diseases, you both have to consider radically changing your lifestyle:

  1. From a sedentary life to daily exercising and a healthy desire to stay fit, look good and feel good. Oh yes, cosmetics is not the answer! We’re not talking paint and powder here but muscles, bones and brains.
  2. From eating fast food to embracing a slow food lifestyle.
  3. From blindly following marketing mantras about the unhealthy consumerist lifestyle (the pill is not an answer to any question!) to finding a good holistic medical adviser, maybe to even embrace a new philosophy about life.

Beware that many (most?) mainstream docs are disguised resellers for the big pharma industry (their primary goal is not your well-being but “selling” you the latest super dooper drug release). You should trust their expertise (because they spent decades in schools learning about the science of biochemistry, among many others) and you should take their advice (because they understand what’s going on inside you) but don’t buy their big pharma recipes (because they contain synthetic poisons, health damaging experimental compounds loaded with side-effects).

Now back to your hubby’s marital mechanics:

If nothing “heads north” anytime soon and your patience is stretched too far, then you’re entitled to buy some sex toys. But let me tell you something about my raving orgasms. Most of them engulf me while he’s tonguing my clitoris. I also love him hard inside me, blowing my brains up. When hubby used to be less in the mood for sex (can’t exactly remember when that happened… 😯 ) then he was terribly stressed with various business matters. And whenever I took care of him, just a little bit, he obliged more than I expected.

happy cougar bunny in the garden behind white lilly

My take on male impotency: in the case of a healthy and fit man, it’s induced by psychological problems and not so much by disease and other nutritional or hormonal imbalances. Keep your man happy and healthy. Make him laugh and give him a reason to take a moment off his stressing schedule. The rewards will gratify you back in the most pleasant and surprising ways.


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