Crazy Cougar Reindeer Wife

Yesterday I did a photo shooting wearing a brand new reindeer headband. Well, there was something else, not just that! But Don is really swamped with work and has so little time to edit and process the shots into wallpapers. In the while, I want to share with you some excerpts I just read in this article by Jackie Gingrich Cushman: Letter to My 16-Year-Old Self.

“NO ONE is normal. We are just all trying to make it through this journey as best we can. As an aside, rest assured that those who appear to be perfect are not; there is no such thing as perfection in people. So quit trying to be perfect. It won’t happen. Instead, try to improve, be kind and forgive others when they are not perfect (including yourself).

Your faith, which is so important to you now, will become even more so as you grow older, have a family and face life’s trials. Spend more time cultivating your relationship with God; the more time you spend in that relationship, the better your relationships will be with others.

You are really smart, and you think really quickly, but your people skills are — well — lacking. Luckily for you, you will grow up and marry a man who is wonderful with people and will help you in that area.

The most important decision you will ever make will be whom to marry. Do not marry based on your age, or what your sister or others are doing at the time. You will know you have found the right man if you believe that he will be a great father to your yet-to-be born children. PICK WISELY.

Luckily, this is the one thing that you end up doing well, and for that you should say a prayer of thanks every night to God, who will have put your husband in your life several times to make sure you made the right choice.

Don’t confuse attention for love. They are not the same. Love is when others want the best for you; attention is when they want you to give your best to them.

Understand that you will make mistakes, as you too are not perfect. Be as kind to yourself at those times as you would to a friend.

Spend time with your family. Your parents and your sister will continue to provide you with a stable foundation and love and support. Take advantage of this. When you have children, you will forgive your mother for being a bit crazy, as you will by then have become more than a bit crazy yourself.”


happy cougar wife smiling with reindeer headband
Crazy me wearing the cute reindeer band. More pics will follow, as well as more Merry Christmas wishes!

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