Complacent Men v. Competitive Women

The Complacent Man:

Competition is the engine of progress. Complacency hinders perfection while encouraging decay. Yet both, taken to the extreme, are delusional. There’s only one Michael Schumacher and there’s a living example following in his steps: Sebastian Vettel. But the two are just telling us that outstanding excellence is a consequence of hard work, strict education, huge sacrifices and, last but not least, focus and talent. If your father had no chance of putting you into a cart when you were five, and then invest day in and day out in your preparation, then you will never be a Schumacher or a Vettel. It’s as simple as that: chance, diligence, dedication and patience!

Men usually have a gut feeling about what they’re gonna do with their lives: delivery man, truck driver, nine-to-five necktie suit, blue-collar, freelancer or free rider. Although men are fans of sports stars (often times slipping into stupid idolatry), they don’t desperately kill themselves to look like their idols, or worse: to be like them. Sure, a Ferrari hat here, a dose of Red Bull there, wider wheels beneath your VW and some Porsche wallpapers will do — along with that darn remote sticking to their right hand. Sounds more like complacency than competition in the world of men.


The Cabman Lady:

Well, you know that ladies are more competitive than men. Let not mention that the new urban sub-culture makes young ladies quite catty — unmannerly emotional tattooed bitches, that’s how I see them.

The brain of women hasn’t been actually wired to drive cars, less to learn the intensive trade of motor sports. Watch this video and tell me if you really think that ladies were meant (when created) to drive moving things.

Frauen am Steuer – Ungeheuer!

“OMG, he’s pitching at us! This impolite man!” I may hear the whisper.

Hat in hand, as an aspiring gentleman, I admit that my rantings may hurt common sense and recent customs. But allow me an explanation further, before begging for your forgiveness.

During the good ole times of princes and princesses, a true lady was taught to blossom in grace and warm words, to master and ride a beautiful horse so that she can learn how to control powerful but obedient beings, and above all she was taught manners. Driving horse-drawn hackney carriages was never considered an exercise in grace and conduct. The English expression “to swear like a trooper” has an equivalent in our neck of the woods: “to swear like a cabman.”

Excessive emancipation stripped women out of their natural genuine seeded graciousness. It turned up into a fiasco on the roads for the less adaptable ladies. And it turned the more adaptable ones into pertinent drivers — because ladies who CAN think dynamically and measure in movement are better drivers than men. But they also borrowed into the less prestigious cabmen conduct. So our ladies tend to be more catty when they pursue their competitive ambitions.


Irresponsible Policies

Am I employing double discriminatory standards? To the disgruntled person, with an inferiority complex, even a dang blog post can trigger high emotions and harsh reactions. But to the cool mind, reading this out of curiosity or just to kill some time on the net, it’s nothing more than rambling, maybe food for thought, or just loud political incorrectness — which is to be expected on deh dang blog, right?

Now take a read of events that occurred during the early ’90s.

Woman Pilot Ordered Off Aircraft Carrier

Nevertheless, the action against Workman, 28, seems likely to bolster the view, expressed in the past by some male Navy aviators, that some women pilots have been unqualified but were pushed along so that the Navy could make good on its 1993 promise to open carrier squadrons to women.

Such allegations were aired after the fatal crash into the sea of Navy Lieutenant Kara S. Hultgreen October 25. Hultgreen was trying to land her F-14 fighter on the deck of the Abraham Lincoln in the Pacific when she lost control of the jet. She was killed, although the radar intercept officer in the back seat ejected into the sea and was rescued.

Even for the uniquely exceptional pilot ladies (remember Top Gun? — flying fighter jets off the carrier, that was a men-only task in the movie) there are some difficulties landing back on that darn floating deck. This matter is not about emancipation or equality, but rather about political stupidity and crass ignorance. The incapacity of discerning the particular from the general, the nonsense of irresponsible politics applied to the most accurate and extreme situations, has led to tragedies.

Just for the sake of it, don’t they have helicopters in the Navy?



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