Living, Loving and Sexting

Our marriage looks like a school or like a kitchen because it is important to feed and teach the kids. But with kids gradually taking off to their own lives, we noticed a slow and creepy face around the far corner of the street. Sinectitude is her name. The old lady has a lot of patience, she can wait there, decade after decade, until she will eventually try to sneak in our home. And when all our kids will take their noisy frenzy out with them, to new addresses, then we’ll remain the youngest folks at home. Alone, the two of us, chasing complacency away. Because if you’re determined to make a promise for the day, every morning when you wake up, and then to keep that promise before you’ll go to bed in the evening, then you’re a young gal!

An ageless young lady must keep her sweet hubby always younger than herself. That would make her a cougar — home cougar, as I said couple times before. If you’re a cougar with an iphone, here’s a mobile app, or two, that you may take as a source of inspiration for spicing up your healthy sex in marriage. On a daily basis, that is!
iKamasutra – Sex Positions from Kama Sutra and beyond Kamasutra

Looks like I just turned the heat on. Good, now we have to make a Daily Temperature Reading, to keep your marriage constantly hot with binding passion and mildly cool on the talking, fighting, arguing end of things.

Think and speak less of yourself. Fill the gaps by thinking and speaking more about/to your spouse. Comfort him and send the message, if you didn’t already, that you need at least the same comforting from him. Be sweet and adorable and, whenever something bothers you, tell him, mail him, text him, COMMUNICATE with him!

This week I took my laptop upstairs so I can work while supervising problem solving at maths. After a while, I thought to mail a short neutral note to hubby’s laptop. In minutes he returned a steamy erotic two-lines mail. Had to delete that on the spot, not to get caught reading it by the kids, ahem. Ensued an email chatter about how we miss each other and what I’m gonna get from him when we meet again. Yes, I was “away” upstairs from 4pm to 8pm and we missed each other.

Living, loving and sexting your better half — this is the recipe to keep the old lady behind the corner for a century or so…

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